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A resort where you never have to leave

There’s no need to touch your car while you’re here

Campsite Introduction

Les Alicourts Resort is a Sandaya campsite in the Loire Valley. The camp is in the middle of nowhere with not a lot to see or do nearby – but that’s what makes the campsite so great. It’s one of those resorts that you never have to leave. One of those places you can just lock up the car for the week and leave it.

With the Summer season in full swing and prices through the roof, we decided to opt for a camping pitch with our tent to save a little bit of money. However, I wasn’t quite sure how it would pan out. Thirty-four weeks pregnant in a tent during yet another heat wave? What’s the worst that could happen?

Pros of Camping les Alicourts

A great resort for everyone

Cons of camping les Alicourts

Every family prefers certain things about a campsite, so our “cons” could be on your “pros” list!

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Pool complex at Les Alicourts Resort

The pool complex here is enormous. It has something for everyone, but a lane pool is the only thing missing. There are various sections. When you first enter, to the left, there’s the wave pool which comes on for 15 minutes every hour. Then as you carry on walking, you can either head through the indoor area or over to the outdoor paddling area. 

A kids paddling area with small slide and splash equipment at sanday alicourts resort

We spent most of our time in the shallow paddling area. There was also a three-lane fast slide for kids, which our toddler loved. It was perfect for young kids when it was quiet, but as the pool got busier, more unsupervised children would cause mayhem on the slides. We still enjoyed it though. We swam over to the baby slide for a while during the hectic times before heading back.

3 lane waterslide at alicourts camping resort in the loire

Although the weather was great during our week’s holiday, we still had to check out the covered splash park. This aquatic space is based around a giant pirate ship with slides and lots of splashing. We were impressed with the pool facilities for younger children here as well as the older kids. Also inside was a swimming pool which was generally always busy so we avoided it.

Indoor kids splash area with a big pirate ship with small waterslide at sandaya les alicourts campsite
Indoor kids splash area with a big pirate ship with small waterslide at sandaya les alicourts campsite

If you walk through the inside area and out the other side, there’s another set of 2 slides. These are slightly bigger than those in the kid’s place but not as big as the “adult slides”, which we’ll get to shortly. These slides landed into a deeper plunge pool, but still, the fearless toddler loved them.

The main swimming pool at camping les alicourts resort in the loire valley france
The main swimming pool at camping les alicourts resort in the loire valley France

Then there are the adult slides. These are two slides monitored by a lifeguard. On one of the slides, you can travel down on an inflatable, whereas the other is a typical lie on your back flume. So we had to buy some inflatables for Mike to travel down on, to get the real experience, you know! We decided not to attempt taking our toddler on these slides, and – the sign did say children must be above 1m20 to go on these.

Because you can use the inflatables on the slide, many people also use inflatables in the pools. None of the lifeguards questioned this, although there were signs in the shop saying inflatables were only to be used in the lake and not the pool.

Blue waterslides in front of a blue sky at camping les alicourts

Suitable Swimwear

There were many signs about how only trunks were acceptable; however, Mike and many other gentlemen were OK in their usual boardshorts. I didn’t see the lifeguards pull anyone aside to discuss clothing. However, this could change.

Beach and Lake

Aquafun park at camping resort les alicourts with pedalos and canoes on a vast blue lake

The lake is a fantastic feature of this campsite. The 6-hectare lake is not only great for activities but for lazing at the beach too. The sanded area is excellent for kids to dig and build castles. There’re plenty of parasols on the grass for grabbing shade, and the water is nice and warm. Watch out for the crayfish, though. These freshwater lobsters tend to move when you walk near them, but we still spotted a few. 

The toddler from family camping europe wearing frozen armbands and sitting in the lake at camping sandaya les alicourts

There are a few paid-for activities on the lake, such as kayaking, pedalos and stand-up paddle board, but the activity that makes this campsite lake so unique is wakeboarding. Never have I seen “Tele ski” available on a campsite before. It cost 24euros for an hour session, and we saw lots of people taking part. But, unfortunately, being pregnant, I couldn’t participate, and my mum couldn’t swim!

waterski prices at camping les alicourts

However, we did hire a pedalo for half an hour, which cost us 12euros. We were all provided with life jackets, including our 2-year-old. Which meant she didn’t have to miss out. I jumped off the boat to see how deep the water was, and I couldn’t touch the floor, so a word of warning, it’s deep.

Breanne the toddler and her mum in a yellow pedalo on the lake at les alicourts resort sandaya campsite

Some camping emplacements bordered the lake, and many guests brought kayaks and paddleboards. It’s a campsite to come to if you enjoy being on the lake.

There was also a fishing area on the other side of the lake. We didn’t see many anglers, but a few large fish jumped out of the water.

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Campsite Facilities

A resort campsite needs lots to do to keep families occupied, and Alicourts did not disappoint…

Receptions and Check in

Our check-in didn’t even take place at the reception. As we arrived on a busy Saturday, a girl was waiting outside the campsite gates at a small wooden desk who dealt with all the check-ins. She was fast and efficient; thankfully, you could pull up the car just outside. She handed me a map to my pitch, and off she went. That was pretty much my only dealings with the Sandaya staff. I did pop back into the main reception one day to look at leaflets, but I didn’t need to speak with anyone or use the reception desk for anything else.

A reception building with cred and pink flowers a yellow sandaya flag and a masked individual at the counter of the reception at camping les alicourts

Play Areas

This campsite is all about playtime!

Swings on a sandy park area in the central part of camping les alicourts

Play park (in the central area)

The main campsite park is ideally located in the central area, surrounded by the restaurant, shops and other facilities. It’s sanded and features loads of equipment—some for bigger kids and some for smaller kids. We found the best time to use the park was early in the mornings or the evenings as it was always in the direct sun with no trees for shade. The park was well maintained and surrounded by benches for parents to relax.

the childrens sanded play area at camping les alicourts with 3 slides and a climbing frame

Park by the pool

There was another small park area between the lake and pool—a giant pirate ship climbing frame with a slide off it. We didn’t use this park during our stay as we saw a child fall from the top of the slide on our first day, which put me off from using it. However, the sides of the slide do seem relatively low, so perhaps it’s better for older children. 

A photo fo the pirate ship park area outside the swimming pool at les alicourts camping resort

Soft Play

The soft play area is an excellent addition for kids too young to use the kids club. It was also suitable for an independent play activity that kept our daughter out of the sun. Although there wasn’t much in the soft play room, there were lots of plastic balls, and sometimes that’s all you need to keep a 2-year-old busy.

childrens soft play room with soft chairs, ball pit and play house at camping sandaya les alicourts

Bouncy Castle

There was a koolaya land bouncy castle located near the tennis courts. This was usually empty in the mornings and shaded, so we played here a little while. There was another bouncy castle behind the kids club and soft play building, a purple one, but we weren’t sure how to get to it and never saw anybody using it.

Koolaya land bouncy castle at les alicourts resort this photo has a green, yellow and red bouncy castle on a green grassy area

Table Tennis

The ping pong tables are located in the central area near the kid’s play park. There were six tables, and there was usually one or two available. I think occasionally, the kids club/animation teams put on table tennis tournaments as I saw staff playing with guests. 

6 ping pong tables at camping les alicourts


On the lake beach, close to the bar there is a Beach Volleyball net. We saw this being used a lot. Especially on the beach party night where large families were all playing together.

Pedal karts and Rosalie's

These can be hired from the shop or from using your “Anim Live” App that you’ll be asked to download before your arrival. 

A toddler stood infront of the Rosalies and hireable pedal go karts at camping les alicourts with a market stall in the background

Mini Golf

The mini golf course looked derelict during our stay. It was very overgrown, and I don’t think this is in use anymore. If it is, I’d be amazed.

Football field

The football pitch is situated around the lake. I occasionally saw big games organised here, so it’s worth practising before your holiday.

Multi sports Court

The multisports court is located next to the football pitch and makes another great space to play ball games.

Arcade Room

The Arcade area is in the bar and has many activities to keep kids occupied. Many games were out of order; however, with the weather so good, we rarely saw the arcade in use during our stay.

Arcade with a toddler walking around video game machines, pool tables and football tables at camping les alicourts

Skate Park

Behind the spa area, there is a small skate park. I rarely saw it used, but I didn’t see it marketed. It’s only because I spotted a small sign that I realised they even had a skatepark. 

skate park at camping les alicourts

Kids Clubs & Facilities

Because everything was through the personalised app, I didn’t get much information about the kids club activities. Unfortunately, our daughter was too young, so we weren’t given the details. However, I saw at the bar one day lots of children practising circus skills ready for the kid’s circus night, and it looked fantastic! I think the classes were outsourced through the “National Palace”, but they did look good.

Animation for kids and adults

a landscape photo of lots of people sat outside at tables for the beach party at camping sandaya les alicourts resort

The campsite ran lots of daily entertainment. From aqua fitness to mini discos, the animation team were always busy. Unfortunately, we never made it to any of the evening shows as they were on too late, but we did experience the Thursday night beach party, which had a fantastic atmosphere. There was a DJ and fire lanterns, and had there not been a drought; there would also have been some fireworks.

We also watched a few sound checks early in the evenings before the entertainment, and some performances looked good. The rehearsal for the “Disney” show had some excellent vocalists, and I’m gutted we missed out.

The childrens mini disco at camping les alicourts

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Bars, Restaurants and Takeaway

The bar area with internal bbq and wooden ceiling at camping les alicourts resort

It’s been a while since we’ve tried it all, but we managed to use the bar, takeaway and restaurant during our stay – so let me tell you all about it.


We visited the bar daily, usually just for one drink and ice cream. The bar itself looks excellent. It has multiple seating areas surrounding the central bar and was always well maintained. Fresh water was always available at the bar, which was fantastic. However, throughout our stay, the bar was continuously out of stock. There would be six pumps of beer; four would be out. There were no zero-sugar drinks available some days. And the ice cream shortages would vary daily. 

The bar and stage area with a table full of drinks at alicourts sandaya campsite

The queues for the bar would quickly rack up as they had a very odd way of doing things. During busy times although it would seem like they had a lot of bar staff working, only one would be doing the till while three would be serving drinks. So you’d get a round of drinks reasonably fast but still have to wait 20 minutes to pay for it and be able to leave the bar. And, the 20 minutes is no exaggeration. Mike missed the entire mini disco waiting to pay. 

Another thing that confused me was the opening hours. At the weekend, the bar was open from 10 am till 11 pm, then on Monday, it was closed between 2-5 pm, yet every other day of our stay, it was continuous service. I was confused whether it was a high season/low season issue, a staffing issue or it just generally closed on Mondays. Again, though, I didn’t see this written in any paperwork. 


Mike and Toddler of Family Camping Europe sat at a restaurant table with yellow menu, green bottles and green chairs at the restaurant of camping resort les alicourts

The food at the restaurant was well priced, and the menu wasn’t too overwhelming. The seating area was lovely, and most of the staff were friendly. The food tasted good and, for most, were good portions; however, my fish curry was so tiny! For pudding, we had the French toast with Ice-cream, and quite honestly, it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had on a campsite.

outside view of the restaurant with green seats and lots of flowers at camping les alicourts

When we went to pay for our food, like we had to do in many French restaurants before, Mike went to the till to pay. However, the woman seemed angry that he hadn’t just waited at the table (although we had been waiting and nobody came with the bill). If you have young children, you’ll know that sometimes you can’t just hang around at the table waiting for the bill for ages.

Takeaway/Snack Bar

The takeaway had some issues. They were only open for Lunch service and closed in the evenings for the week of our stay. I can only assume this was a staffing issue as the campsite seemed to have quite a few staffing problems.

the exceptional hours sign on the door of the camping les alicourts takeaway showing the times as 11h30 to 15h and how it'll be closed during the evening

My mum went to the takeaway on our first day and was gone for ages. So, whilst the queue was relatively small, food was taking forever. And, annoyingly, the staff put fries in the bags straight away whilst waiting 20 minutes plus for the rest of the food to be cooked – so, cold fries. 

One thing that did impress us about the takeaway was the wide range of choices available. I was impressed to see a wide range of Dutch meals on the menu, but it’s clear to see that the campsite has a big Dutch audience. 

Snack menu from the takeaway at camping les alicourts showing lots of meal options including dutch food

Other Facilities

Campsite Shops

Vival supermarket at les alicourts campsite a photo containing lots of plants flowers blue sky and a supermarket building


The main campsite supermarket is a Vival, and we were very impressed with the size and food available on our arrival day. However, by Tuesday, the shop was decimated. They were low on almost all stock. 

It is excellent if you get to the shop at a good time, but it can’t be guaranteed. There are supermarkets 20 minutes down the road in Salibres; however, we opted to head a little further (40 minutes) to shop at Grand Frais. I highly recommend it if you are looking to stock up on fresh foods.

the empty fridge in the vival shop on camping les alicourts

Gift Shop/Bureau des activities

The gift shop/boutique is the place to go for buckets, spades, inflatables, toys, and beach trucks. It’s also where you can go to book activities if you don’t use the app. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone when we wanted to book the pedalos, so we headed here to reserve it instead. The team of staff in there were pleasant.

Boutique and bureau des activities shop at camping les alicourts


a sign saying fitness and in the background there is a fitness suite building

Located in the spa building is a small gym. The equipment is primarily cardio-based, although a couple of resistance machines were available. 


The inside spa area of sandaya camping les alicourts the picture shows reclined chairs and a swimming pool

Being 33 weeks pregnant, I didn’t get to use the spa as much as I would have loved. However, had we had the babysitting of my mum, and I’d have been more able, I imagine Mike and I would have loved being in here. 

There were so many treatments and even hairdressers and nail technicians available. 

9 Hole Golf Course

The campsite has its 9-hole golf course, but I didn’t see much information about it or any golfers. The green was well maintained and was regularly mowed by automatic mowers, but I couldn’t find any information.

Bike Hire

Bike Hire is situated around the back of the Bureau Des Activities. They had a wide range of bikes available for all age groups. A standard bike was 14euros a day and 70euros for the week. The bike hire was open 9-18h during our stay, Monday to Sunday.

a photo of bikes for hire at camping sandaya les alicourts resort


Sandaya is a very animal-friendly camping company. Dogs are welcome in lots of their accommodation types, and they charge 5euros a night for a pet. Dogs were allowed across the campsite, including in the bar area.


I only used the WIFI for the 30-minute trial during our stay, mainly because I was too busy to use the internet. Had I had more work to do, I definitely would have had to pay for wifi as the 4g signal wasn’t that good.

Shower blocks

The girls toilet block sanitary area sign on the wooden building at camping les alicourts

I can hand on heart say the sanitary facilities at this campsite are the best I have ever found. They were almost always spotless. We tended to bump into cleaners there daily. They are heated nicely and look very modern. In addition, the campsite has its child-friendly toilet block, which is excellent, and our toddler was so happy to have facilities available to her. There were plenty of toilets, showers and sinks, though we occasionally had to queue for a peak-time shower. 

The childrens toilet block on sandaya camping les alicourts the photo shows kids sinks and baby baths with funky shaped mirrors and bright colours

There is also a secondary shower block located closer to our tent. However, this one was much older and tattier, but it was OK for those late-night toilet trips

the boys shower room in the sanitary block atcamping les alicourts decorated with blue doors


The laundry room is situated in the central area and is nicely decorated. Though, it did have a very musty smell to it. Instructions are on the walls and very obvious and you’ll find varying machine sizes for your needs. Payments are made via cash at the laundry block and prices for a wash start at 6euros. You can also buy washing powder from a vending machine in the laundry block for 1euro.

5 6kg washing machines in the laundrette on sandaya camping les alicourts

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Available accommodation at camping les Alicourts

There are over 25 accommodation options available with Sandaya. Ranging from tree houses and safari tents to chalets and villas. 

Red mobile homes with bikes and washing outside on a dusty field with lots of trees in the background at sandaya les alicourts resort

Many of the accommodations require parking away from the pitch. We opted to stay in our tent on a 3 “shells” pitch, A mid-range camping pitch. We chose this pitch as it came with water, and we are so glad we did. Our pitch: 718, was a great size. The floor was dry and dusty, but with such a long drought throughout France, that’s hardly surprising.

Our green skandika gotland 5 tent pitched on our camping pitch at camping sandaya les alicourts resort

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Do You Need a Car to Get around?

Absolutely. This campsite is in the middle of nowhere. You need a car. Whilst the campsite shop is a good size, it was often unstocked, and you’d need to get to a supermarket. The nearest supermarket is 20 minutes from the campsite, so you need a car.

How to get to The Campsite

This campsite is perfect as a stop-off site because it’s so central in France. It’s around 5 hours south of Calais and 4 hours south of Ouistreham. If you are travelling from Calais, you’ll likely skirt around Paris, whereas the trip from Caen and the Brittany/Normandy ferries is much superior. You must follow the A28 to Tours, ride the A10 across to Orleans, and then head further south on the A71 to Pierefitte-sur-sauldre.

As the trip is almost all motorway driving, it’s an easy drive. French motorways are usually empty. 

Should I hire a car?

If you are flying, then yes, I would recommend this. The nearest airport is Tours, 150km away and a very seasonal airport. There aren’t many regular flights here, so flying to Paris would be the best option.

Ferry port

The Brittany Ferries ports of Caen, Le Havre and St Malo will be the fastest routes to get to the campsite. However, Calais will be the cheapest. I often find a happy medium is the Newhaven Dieppe ferry from DFDS, which gets you close to the location but costs less than Brittany Ferries.

Driving Directions


Les Alicourts, 

41300 Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre

GPS Coordinates: 

47.544326, 2.191908

Day Trips from Camping les Alicourts

Whilst the campsite is quite secluded; it’s still in the beautiful region of the Loire Valley where there is so much to explore, especially if you like chateaus.


This French city sits on the banks of the Loire river and is one of the most attractive towns of the Loire Valley. Commonly known as the home of Joan of Arc, many people visit here every year to celebrate her life with a festival. You can also visit her famous house. If you’re not interested in that then there are plenty of other activities to explore like wineries, bars, restaurants, shops and museums. 


The view of Blois from across the loire river

Another famous Loire Valley city is Blois. Home to Chateaus and magic houses, Blois is a great day out for the entire family. With typical French cobbled streets and traditional eateries – what more could you ask for.

Zoo de beauval

The zoo of Beauval is an hour and 15 minutes away from camping les Alicourts. With around 4000 animals on 44 hectares of land, this zoo is one of the best in the world. With a wide range of animals, you’re sure to love this animal park.


A very old photo showing the chateau de Chambord with Breanne from Family camping europe stood in front of it

Whether you’ve heard of Chambord for its famous chateau or for the famous Liqueur you will definitely be aware of this stunning place. The chateau at Chambord is perhaps one of the most recognisable in the world and is a lovely day out for the whole family.

Beaugency Loire Chateau

50 minutes from the campsite is the Chateau De Beaugency. This chateau has recently been opened to the public as a centre for digital art and holds exciting events such as light shows and digital art exhibitions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mobiles close together?

No. Well, at least I didn’t find that to be the case. I didn’t feel like any pitches, or mobile homes were too close on the walks we took around the campsite.

Is the campsite flat?

Yes. Finally, We booked a flat campsite during this pregnancy. There was a slight hill to the chalet side of the lake, but otherwise, everywhere was pretty much flat.

Are there mosquitos at Les Alicourts

No, we didn’t notice any, but there were lots of wasps and flies. 

Is it easy to get a sunbed around the pool?

We found most mornings easy, but the afternoons were slightly more challenging. I think a few people left towels on loungers and then went out for the day.

A photo showing empty sun loungers around the swimming pool at camping resort les alicourts

Do you need to wear a wristband?

Yes, we all had wristbands, including the toddler. 

sandaya campings brochure with a wristband on top of it

Do men have to wear swim trunks?

All the signs say yes, but The lifeguards checked nothing, and many people were in regular board shorts.

Are there BBQs on site?

Yes, we saw plenty of charcoal BBQs during our stay. 

Can You Use inflatables in the pool?

There was a sign in the shop to say that holidaymakers could only use inflatables in the lake, but we found lots of people using them in the pools and on the slides. 

The toddler from family camping europe sat inside an inflatable swan next to an inflatable flamingo outside a green tent on our camping emplacemet

What's the weather like in Spring/Summer?

We had unreal temperatures. Another 2022 heatwave. It barely dipped below 30 degrees during our stay; however, under average temperatures, you’re more likely to see the mid to late 20s. 

Can you park on your pitch/Emplacement?

Not always. Our tent pitch was OK, but many of the mobile home emplacements had parking away from their pitch.

Can you take pets on the campsite?

Yes, many of the accommodations and the tent pitches are all allowed for animals at the cost of 5 euros a day.

Where's the nearest supermarket?

The nearest supermarket is around 20 minutes away in Salbris.

Is It Loud In The Evenings?

It can be yes. Not every night, but some nights. The bar closes at 11 pm, though some nights we’ve heard people making noise until 1 am. It was also loud in the morning when our caravaning neighbours started packing up at 4 am to leave.

What Can We Do If It Rains?

It’s hard for me to think what this campsite could be like in the rain because we just didn’t have any. Some swimming pools are enclosed, so these could still be used. The soft play is indoors, and the arcade is also indoors, but many of the campsite activities are generally outside. I imagine some chateau tours would still be a good day out when it’s raining.

Can I Use My foreign currancy Card On Site?

The campsite accepted all kinds of bank cards during our stay. We had no problems paying with a card. 

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Review Conclusion


This campsite is lovely. The care that goes into the grounds and cleaning is second to none. The sanitary block is the cleanest and most superior we have ever found on a campsite, and the pool area was great for all ages. I really can’t fault this campsite for its facilities. 

The only thing I did find frustrating was the stock and staffing issues. The shop and the bar were constantly running out of stock, and then facilities were closed because I don’t think they had the staff. If Sandaya fixed these issues, I don’t think I could find any faults with this campsite. This is the kind of resort you come to where you don’t have to leave. Whether you stay for 3,4,7, or 14 nights you’re sure to enjoy it. 

I think the campsite is suitable for all ages, especially families with children around 5- 13 years old. Older people may find it too noisy, and older teenagers may find it quite dull as there is nowhere to go off the campsite. 

It’s the perfect destination for families wanting to explore the Loire Valley and surrounding areas.

4/5* marked down for the staffing issues

The toddler from family camping europe wearing frozen armbands and sitting in the lake at camping sandaya les alicourts
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