Quechua Camp Bed Air Review

Decathlon inflatable airbed

Decathlons Quechua Camp Bed Air is essential to our camping set-up. Not only is it comfortable, but thanks to the inflatable design, it’s compact and easy to set up. Every time we tent camp as a family, we take the inflatable bases with us. 

The design of the Quechua camp bed air is ingenious. We can easily put it up, take it down and carry it around with our camping equipment. It’s absolutely the reason for its success. 

And when I say success, I mean it! I see this bed mentioned in camping Facebook groups almost daily. So many people are raving about how the Quechua camp bed air has revolutionised their camping. 

When we camp, we use two air bases clipped together to create a double base for our large self-inflating mattress. if we want to sleep separately, we use them with our single SIMs. I even used the camp bed air whilst 38 weeks pregnant and managed a comfy night’s sleep – potentially even comfier than at home on our actual bed.

Dimensions: Inflated: 200cmx70cmx25cm Deflated: 70cmx14x14

Colour: Blue

The Camp Bed Air is exceptionally lightweight and very portable. Weighing just 3.9kg, it can easily be lugged around with our camping equipment. The Inflated dimensions (200 x 70 x 25 cm) make it spacious enough for comfortable sleeping, yet it remains compact when deflated for easy transport and storage. Because the deflated dimensions are just 70cm by 14cm, it’s also easy to fit in the car. And when we’ve finished camping? The bag is easy to store away in small spaces for winter and is ready for next year. Although, we do sometimes struggle to get it back in the bag just as perfect as it came.

Setting Up: How to Inflate and Use the QUECHUA Camping Bed Effectively

Setting up

Setting up the Air base couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the bed from the bag and unravel it. Once on the floor, you’ll discover the air valve. Unscrew the first part and attach your pump. We use a basic manual pump, but many people like using an electric pump to see when the Camp Bed Air is at 6PSI visually. We tend to work on a “if it’s firm, it’s pumped” clarification.

Once the bed is fully inflated, it’ll be very firm. We then use the buckles on either side to attach two Air bases and place our self-inflating mattress on top.


First, remove your mattress to deflate and repack the Camp Bed Air. Unclip the beds (if you have created a double base) and unscrew the valve fully. This will make a loud popping noise, so warn anyone standing around your tent. Once deflated, fold the sides inward and roll the base up. You should then be able to fit the Air bed base back into its sack.

I tend to help it at this point by folding, rolling, and squeezing the air out as much as I can before the final roll-up and pack.

You can find Full instructions in video format on the Decathlon website.

Comfort Analysis: Evaluating the QUECHUA Single Camping Bed for a Restful Sleep

We love this Inflatable Camping Bed Base because it’s so unbelievably comfortable. It’s the only way we managed to camp at 38 weeks pregnant. Without this Camp Bed Air, I’m sure my back would be in tatters.

The thick, inflatable design works on all ground types and stays exceptionally stable, unlike our other camp bed, which can be put out of alignment by a small stone on the ground. And quite frankly, just isn’t as comfortable.

Like a regular bed, the Camp Bed Air has slats that run across the middle, ensuring an equal weight distribution and a comfortable amount of flex. However, the upper weight limit is 110kg (17 stones and 4 lbs), so I’d avoid bouncing too hard if you are nearing that weight. This is per camp bed air; if you clipped two camp beds together, your weight allowance would double to 220kg.

As a family who prioritises a good night’s sleep when camping, buying this bed from Decathlon was one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding our camping purchases.

Durability and Maintenance: Longevity of the QUECHUA Inflatable Bed for Camping

When you use equipment for camping and outdoor use, it needs to be made with durable materials. The Quechua Camp Bed Air is no different and has been made with outdoor living in mind. The inflatable base is 100% polyester, while the slats are made with glass fibre and resin. The Decathlon website states your bed can be expected to last over 100 inflations, and you are also offered a free 5-year warranty. Making this camp bed excellent value for money.

We have used the Camp Bed Air for over three years in various locations, environments and temperatures, and the beds show no signs of damage or wear.

Comparing Value: QUECHUA Camping Bed Versus Other Camping Beds

The Quechua Camp Bed Air isn’t the only Camp Bed in our Camping kit. As we usually travel with and grow our family, we’ve had to expand our bedding. Last year, we tried to buy another Air Bed from Decathlon, and as they were unfortunately sold out at the time, we were forced to try a different camp bed. We purchased a standard Quechua Camp Bed. 

We knew our camp bed air was an excellent investment, but we needed to try a different camp bed to know just how good it really was. The standard camp bed took much longer to set up and take down; it’s bulkier to transport and isn’t as comfy. Not only that but whilst the standard camp bed is higher off the ground, it doesn’t have the secret storage underneath it like the Camp Bed Air does, and the lack of slats means no flexing.

Pros and Cons: Honest Assessment of the QUECHUA Camp Bed Air 70 cm 

Regarding the pros and cons, the Camp Bed Air Inflatable Camp Bed has only positives. I’d struggle to find any negatives. It’s good value for money; it’s compact, comfortable, easy to use, and easy to store, and I have absolutely no negatives to say.

Final Verdict: Is the QUECHUA Inflatable Bed Base Right for Your Camping Needs?

Decathlon inflatable airbed

If your camping needs involve minimal equipment or wild camping in a field, then no. The Camp Bed Air from Decathlon isn’t the right bed for your needs. However, if you are a family camper, you travel via Van or car, and you want a comfy night’s sleep – this inflatable camp bed base is perfect for you, and I don’t understand why you wouldn’t already have one. 

This Decathlon inflatable bed base isn’t just perfect for camping; it can be used as a spare bed at home when guests come, a sun lounger for the garden, or even somewhere to lie down at the beach. Just keep it away from the water; whilst it looks like a dinghy, it definitely shouldn’t be used as one.

I wholeheartedly recommend this bed to everyone. We love it; our children love it, and my mum, who often camps with us, loves it (although we tend to give her the standard cheap camp bed because we don’t like to share…)

Additional Tips and Accessories: What else should you pair alongside your QUECHUA Camping Bed Air

As I previously mentioned, we use a standard hand pump to inflate our bed base; however, Decathlon recommends purchasing one of their Quechua Ultimcomfort handpumps to ensure the correct level of inflation. You may also want to use an electric pump.

And of course, there is no mattress included with this Air Bed Base. We use ours alongside an Outwell Dreamcatcher Self Inflating Mattress (SIM). We’ve found the double mattress to be the perfect size for two-bed bases, and our single SIMs also fit the single-bed bases well. When purchasing a SIM or airbed to place on top of your airbed base, you check compatibility and dimensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know About the QUECHUA Camping Bed

  • What are the dimensions of the QUECHUA Inflatable Camping Bed Base?

Dimensions: Inflated: 200cmx70cmx25cm Deflated: 70cmx14x14

  • How much does the QUECHUA Camping Bed weigh?


  • Is the QUECHUA Camping Bed easy to inflate and deflate?

It is straightforward to inflate with a manual or electric pump. The bed base needs to reach 6PSI to be fully inflated. 

  • Can two QUECHUA Camping Beds be combined to make a double bed?

Yes. this is precisely how we use our inflatable bed base.

  • What is the weight capacity of the QUECHUA Camping Bed?

110kg/17stone and 4 lbs is the upper weight limit on the inflatable bed base.

  • Is a pump included with the QUECHUA Camping Bed? If not, what type is recommended?

No. Decathlon recommends using it alongside the Quechua Ultimcomfort handpump.

  • What type of material is used for the QUECHUA Camping Bed?

The camp bed base is made from glass fibre, polyester and resin

  • How comfortable is the QUECHUA Camping Bed compared to traditional camping beds?

By far more comfortable. Compared to our standard Camp Bed the inflatable bed base is superior.

  • Is the QUECHUA Camping Bed suitable for back, side, or stomach sleepers?

Yes. I vary how I sleep through the night but usually end up on my stomach – however, while 38 weeks pregnant and using this inflatable bed base, I had to sleep on my side and continued to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • How does the QUECHUA Camping Bed perform in different weather conditions?

We have used this inflatable bed in scorching temperatures, which has never affected the inflation levels.

  • Is the QUECHUA Camping Bed suitable for use in a tent?

Of course. It is a camping bed base.

  • Can the QUECHUA Camping Bed be used for activities other than camping, such as a home guest bed?

Absolutely. We have often used this when we need more beds in our house or at an Airbnb.

  • How do I clean and maintain the QUECHUA Camping Bed?

Sponge and soapy water are the best ways to clean off the air bed base. Please do not use it in the washing machine.

  • What is the warranty period for the QUECHUA Camping Bed?

Included with Decathlons Air Bed Base is a five-year warranty.

  • Are there any accessories recommended with the QUECHUA Camping Bed for enhanced comfort?

We recommend teaming it with a self-inflating mattress.

  • How portable is the QUECHUA Camping Bed when packed?

The Air Bed Base rolls to 70cmx14cmx14cm, so it is easily portable, but I wouldn’t recommend it as an essential piece of kit for backpacking – unless you want the comfiest night possible.

  • Does the QUECHUA Camping Bed come in different colours or designs?

No. It’s only available in the standard decathlon blue design.

  • How long does it take to inflate the QUECHUA Camping Bed fully?

It’s a matter of seconds. This air bed base is much faster to assemble than a standard camp bed.

  • Where can I purchase the QUECHUA Inflatable Camping Bed Base and what is its price range?

The Quechua air bed base is available from Decathlon and you can view the current price here :