Tente Randonneur at Camping des Ribières

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for what we wanted and what we got we were super pleased. the tent was well above our expectations.

We had no idea if we’d have electric let alone a kitchen area with invent.

Tente Randonneur / Hikers Tent

The Tente Randonnee was perfect for us during our stay at Camping Des Ribieres in Confolens, France. With just the two of us and our small pet cat, the tent offered more than enough room and facilities.

Pros of The Tente Randonneur

This was such a different style of accommodation than we’ve experienced before, but we still loved it!

Cons of The Tente Randonneur

There’s little to complain about here!

Tour Of The Tente Randonneur

Literally translated to hikers tent, the Tente Randonneur is perfect for couples looking for basic accommodation without the need to lug around their own tent. 

Although we do have our own tent, we decided we wanted to check out what the Tente Randonneur at Camping des Ribieres had to offer and here’s our tour for you. 

We’ve also made a video tour which you can watch at the end of this post, but here’s our detailed written tour, let’s start outdoors:

Outdoors & Kitchen

Camping des Ribières Tente randonneur outdoor seating area and kitchen
The outdoor seating area has a nice cover that can be removed for more sunshine

We love a reasonable sized pitch and as we pulled up to our pre-erected tent, we were not disappointed.

With more than enough room to park the car and have some outdoor grass space we were more than satisfied. Outside the tent there is a small decking area to the front where you can put some chairs, but we decided it was the perfect place to put the bed for our cat and her food, and put our camping chairs on the grass in front.

Round to the side of tent is a covered seating area and small kitchen with hob, microwave and 2 cupboards full of kitchenware.

Camping des Ribières Tente Randonneur Kitchen Invent
Kitchen cupboards were stocked with invent

Kitchen Invent

Included in the Kitchen cupboard was:

  • A small frying pan
  • Saucepan
  • Salad bowl
  • 4 Plates
  • 4Glasses
  • 4 Muugs
  • Measuring jug
  • 4 Sets of knives forks spoons
  • Washing up bowl
  • Coffee maker
  • And a dustpan (there was a broom on the decking).

Although the kitchen did provide the basics, I would have also loved to see a corkscrew/bottle opener and a tin opener in there – although we were fine because we brought our own.

Inside The Tente Randonneur

When we arrived one of the tent flaps was folded back and the other was left alluringly open. I couldn’t wait to look inside.

view from the inside of our tente randonneur at Camping des Ribières
So much nature can be seen from inside the tent

Although small, the inside of this Randonnee tent was so cute and cosy. The bed was raised off the ground and definitely comfier than the air matress we would have brought to camp on and it came with a duvet and 2 pillows. Just so you know, standard pillows in France are actually square, so you’re best off bringing large cushion covers over pillow cases. We tried to squeeze the square pillows into our rectangle pillow cases and unfortunately it made them too tightly packed and massive to sleep on.

Next to the bed on each side is a small nightstand to put your drinks on and on the right side (as you’re looking in) we had two plug sockets. Above the bed there was a fuse box and just underneath was a light. I was surprised at how bright the light actually was but I’d definitely suggest waiting until the tent doors are closed before using it otherwise you’ll have bugs flying into it.

cats eye view in the Tente Randonneur at Camping des Ribières
Kitcat spent more time on the inside of the tent than out...

The Tent Itself

We were really impressed with the tent itself. 

There were no poles and everything was mode with wood and canvas. If I was to ever own/run my own campsite (which is the future plan if I ever make enough money to buy one) I would definitely want to invest in some structures like this – they must have had a good carpenter/joiner or some great skills to make these.

Kitcat the cat sat inside our tente randonneur at Camping des Ribières

Shower Blocks

We were really lucky in that our pitch was very close to the toilets – Vital when camping while pregnant. 

Toilet block at Camping des Ribières
Shower blocks and toilets were clean and well maintained but you will need your own loo roll

The campsite actually seemed to have a few toilet blocks dotted around so as far as I’m aware, you’d probably be fine staying in anyone of their pre-erected tents. You’d definitely be fine in their cotton tent as that actually comes with its own bathroom and toilet.

showerblock sinks at Camping des Ribières
I loved how modern this shower block was

Features Of The Tente Randonneur

  • Wooden Structure
  • Basic Kitchen Equipment
  • Basic Kitchenware
  • Thick sturdy canvas
  • Bedroom Window
  • Covered outdoor eating terrace
  • Large Pitch
  • Raised bed
  • Lights and Electric
  • Duvet & pillows
Mike lovatt sat outside our tente randonneur at Camping des Ribières
Great place to sit outside with a beer and enjoy nature

Video tour of the Tente Randonneur

Other Pre-erected tents at Camping des Ribières

There are 3 types of tent available, depending on the requirements for your family.

  • Tente Randonneur
  • Tente Sahari
  • And Tente Cotton
Outside of a tente cotton at Camping des Ribières
One of the larger, family sized Cotton tents - these even have their own bathrooms in

What to bring with you

It’s so easy when camping in a new place to forget the basics like toilet roll – especially if the last place you stayed provided this. Hopefully this little list will give you a few reminders on what to pack when staying in a Tente Randonneur

  • Veg peeler 
  • Sharp knives
  • Sponge, Washing up liquid & cleaning products
  • Bigger pans if needed
  • Bed linen
  • Toilet roll
  • Corckscrew

Review Conclusion


For a couple and our pet cat this tent was absolutely perfect. 

For a family you would definitely need something bigger. However, for what we wanted and what we got we were super pleased and actually the tent was well above our expectations. We had no idea if we’d have electric let alone a kitchen area with invent. 

So I’ll score it a 4.5/5 the only reason I’m dropping half a star is because I definitely feel a corkscrew/bottle opener is an essential camping item

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