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Rustic and Authentic

This campsites style blends in perfectly with its natural scenery, I can’t believe we’re just 8km outside of France’s 9th largest city.

Campsite Introduction

Village du Lac campsite, Bordeaux is an authentic, rustic style campsite just 8km from Bordeaux city centre. With easy transport links, a half board restaurant and a swimming pool, this campsite is the perfect place to take a city break with a difference. Recently the campsite teamed up with the Yelloh Village Franchise meaning they can provide their holiday makers with even more benefits – including the Yelloh village Loyalty Card.

Pros of Camping lac de Bordeaux

Lovely campsite with family friendly feel. We’ll return when we want our next relaxing city break.

Cons of Camping lac de Bordeaux

Every family prefers certain things about a campsite, so our “cons” could be on your “pros” list!

Campsite Facilities

This quiet and peaceful campsite is perfect for families looking for a mix between relaxing camping trip and bustling city break. You wouldn’t believe this campsite is only 8km away from such a large, vibrant city. Its rustic features make you feel like you’re in complete solitude somewhere in the middle of nowhere. 

Pools and Lakes

Camping Bordeaux Lac has 3 lakes on the campsite grounds, a swimming pool/splash park and is just steps away from Bordeaux’s beautiful lake with watersports, beaches and stunning scenery.

entrance to swimming pool at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (10)

The heated pool on-site, during our stay in early March, was still covered over, despite reading on the Yelloh Village website that it is open in low season. And although I was disappointed with the misinformation, I don’t doubt it would have been empty as it was absolutely freezing outside.

Splash park and pool area at Camping lac de Bordeaux from yelloh Village

Next to the pool there is a fun splash park for children, with water jets, canons, tipping buckets and more to keep them occupied till dinner time.

The campsite lakes, unfortunately not for swimming in, are lovely to sit next to and watch the world go by. The sunrise over them is stunning, and we loved watching ducks swimming through life without a care

If you did want a natural swim in the lake – Bordeaux Lac, which the campsite borders on is excellent and swimming it’s permitted from a small supervised beach area

Campsite Facilities

This campsite may be small, but who needs a big site full of fancy facilities when you’re right next to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe?

Receptions and Check in

Check-in at Bordeaux Lac campsite couldn’t have been easier. We arrived at around 3 pm, parked in the main car park and Mike went in with our booking forms. Within minutes he was back with our mobile home keys and ready to begin our first camping holiday with a baby.

The reception area is nice, neat, clean and tidy. There’s a large selection of local information/attraction leaflets, and the campsite shop is actually attached to the reception. The staff we dealt with in the reception/shop area were all friendly. Helpful and humoured our average French skills

Play Areas And Sports Field​

If you’re travelling with children, it’s especially important for there to be some child-friendly activities, and at Bordeaux Lac campsite there’s quite a few options. The campsite even promote themselves as “A campsite designed for your youngsters”.

Multi Sports Court

Multi sports court at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (17)

Most family friendly campsites we go to have a multi sports court, and Bordeaux Lac is no different. They’re fab for kids who want to play netball, basketball or football. This one is outdoors and tarmac.

Parcours Acrobatique and Grand Trampoline

Netted play area at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (20)

The Parcours Acrobatique and Grand Trampoline is some kind of netted trampoline play area for 5-12 year olds. It’s like an off ground soft play in nets and on a trampoline base with a large trampoline attached to it. There are some climbing activities, and it all looks a little bizarre, still a fun activity centre for young kids. It’s hard to explain, so instead, I’m just going to show you a photo.

Table tennis

Another campsite favourite – table tennis. Camping lac de Bordeaux has 2 table tennis courts near there play activities and potentially more on their large grounds (but I didn’t spot them). Make sure you pack your bats and balls.

Flowers and table tennis court at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (15)

Play Park

I didn’t get any photos of the play area because it was always full of children, which must mean it’s a good park, right? Even at 7 am when I usually go out to take my photos, there was already a family there. Eager beans!

Zip Line

I didn’t see it, so maybe I’m stupid or perhaps it’s only a high season activity, but apparently, there is a zipline for children aged between 5 and 12.

Bouncy Castle

I actually didn’t see this, but for good reason. The bouncy castle only comes out in high season, but it’s a great activity for young kids. I know from working on small campsites here in France how much the kids appreciate a bouncy castle.


Last but by no means least, there is, of course, a Boulodrome-France’s national camping sport (yeah, I totally made that up). The French absolutely love a game of Petanque so you’ll find a Boulodrome here and plenty around the city.

Kids Clubs and Animation

Camping Bordeaux Lac doesn’t have any kids clubs or evening entertainment. This is probably because the majority of families will head into the centre of Bordeaux if that’s what they are after; the rest of the guests are probably there for a quiet night.

Bars, Restaurants and Takeaway

This quiet campsite has options for half board should you wish to eat in the restaurant. When we visited in mid-March the restaurant/snack bar/pizza facilities didn’t really look open, or in use, they may have been, but everything was extremely quiet. Bear in mind we were at the very start of lockdown and actually, during our second-night Macron announced the closure of all bars/restaurants as of midnight.

Restaurant area at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (21)

Other Facilities

Campsite Shop

The campsite shop is a 24-hour convenience shop attached to the reception. We were sceptical about it being 24 hours. I’ve never seen a 24 hours shop in France, let alone on a campsite before. But, I can confirm it is. We used it very late one evening to buy some bottled water for the baby, and it was open. It is, however, tiny and really just for the essentials.

Epicerie at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (24)


WIFI is free and available at every emplacement, which is great for when you’re on a working holiday or when you have kids to amuse in the rain. We didn’t really use it though as our 4g signals were excellent on the campsite too. 


The campsite is pet friendly and animals are allowed in all of their accommodations on site.

Shower Blocks and Laundry

We didn’t use the campsites toilet blocks as we stayed in a mobile home, so I’m afraid I can’t comment on the cleanliness. But I can tell you about the laundry area. It’s open 24hours a day and has both washing and drying machines. It’s 5euros a wash and 3 euros a dry. 

Shower Block at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (13)

Disabled Accessibility

The campsite is flat and has some wheelchair accessible mobile homes like the Cottage Barsac with a ramp.

Flat Campsite at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (6)


One thing I love about this site is how they have prioritised nature and greenery instead of cramming loads of mobile homes on site and filling all the space. There are plenty of grassy, forestry areas with picnic benches to relax on and there’s even ducks roaming around.

Ducks at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (23)

Accommodation at Camping lac de bordeaux

There is a good range of accommodations available on site, all for different budgets and different family sizes. We stayed in the Loupiac Cottage and it was perfect for us and spotless. Couples on a budget may benefit from the Saint Emilion or Saint Estephe cottages whereas more extravagant families may benefit from the Pauillac cottage or chalets.

Budget accommodation at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (3)

Should I Book Direct Through the Campsite or Through and Operator?

There are no tour operators on site so it’s a case of booking through yelloh Villages for a mobile home or a camping pitch. There is no middleman involved here.

Do You Need a Car to Get Around?

Nope. Public transport is accessible to all. There is a good train service to Bordeaux, a tram and then a bus service to just outside the campsite gates. No vehicle is needed here.

How to get to The Campsite

Flying, driving, public transportation, it’s all possible. If you fly in to Bordeaux airport the campsite is just minutes away via taxi.

Should I hire a car?

Nope, not unless you want to explore away from the city and places unreachable via bus or train.

Ferry port

I think your closest ferry port would be Saint malo at 5h20 away.

Driving Directions

Address: Boulevard Jacques Chaban-Delmas, 33520 Bruges

GPS Coordinates: 44.897931, -0.582763

Day Trips from Camping Lac De Bordeaux

Obviously, the main place to visit from here is Bordeaux. We spent every day of our trip in this wondrous city. But, there is so much more around if you want to explore it.


La Cite du Vin

Wave Surf Cafe

Lacanau Ocean

Chateau de Pressac

Saint Emilion


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mobiles close together?

Nope. Camping Bordeaux Lac really seems to prioritise their natural surroundings. All the accommodations are spread out in such a beautiful setting.

Mobile homes at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (11)

Is the campsite flat?

Yeah. I don’t remember noticing any inclines at all

Nature and green at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (14)

Are there mosquitos at Camping Bordeaux Lac?

We didn’t notice any. 

Is it easy to get a sunbed around the pool?

The pool wasn’t open when we went and I didn’t see any sun loungers around it.

Do you need to wear a wristband?

Nope. There were no wristbands during our holiday.

Do men have to wear swim trunks?

Unsure because the pool was closed.

Are there BBQs on site?

We did notice communal bbq areas, but none at the pitches. I imagine this is because the campsite is quite wooded so bbq’s have been placed at the safest areas.

communal bbq at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (12)

What's the weather like in Spring/Summer?

Bordeaux weather can be temperamental in Spring but Summer is usually pretty amazing.

Can you park on your pitch/Emplacement?

Yeah, we had no problem parking at our mobile home.

Can you take pets on the campsite?

Animals are allowed in all of the accommodations at Camping lac de Bordeaux

Where's the nearest supermarket?

There is a large E.Leclerc sup[ermarket a 6 minute drive away from the campsite.

Is There Wheelchair Accessibility on Site?

Yes, there’s even wheelchair friendly mobile homes.

Is It Loud In The Evenings?

This is tricky to answer. The campsite itself had no bar or evening entertainment to cause a sound. However, the local “drag racers” who decided to use a road nearby to re-enact some “fast and Furious” cut scenes caused a lot of noise.

We walked home past them from the Bordeaux tram one night and it was honestly like being in a film, there were even spectators there. So yeah, on the weekend we visited, local drag racers did impact our quiet night sleep.

I had hoped this was just a “once a year” thing but after researching a little bit I found a few newspaper articles and it seems like a problem the police have been dealing with for years.

What Can We Do If It Rains?

There are a few indoor places in Bordeaux to visit like the Cite du Vin and the numerous art museums. You could also spend lunch at one of the covered markets in and around the city. Halles des Bacalan is very close to the Cite du Vin, whereas Marché des Capucins is situated in the city center.
Another fantastic option is the Wave Surf Cafe. Try your hand at body boarding or surfing on  an indoor wave machine, and after, finish up with a nice coffee.

Review Conclusion


Camping Bordeaux Lac provided us with a nice peaceful stay so close to the bustling Bordeaux City centre. It’s a lovely site that prioritises nature above all, and you know that in Summer it’ll be a lovely place for families.

The only downside we experienced during our trip was the loud drag racing outside, but otherwise, everything was perfect and exactly what we were looking for from our holiday. Yes, the site is quiet without entertainment, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want/need.

Baby with her Bordeaux flyer at Yelloh Village Camping Bordeaux Lac (64)

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