Castel Camping La Garangeoire Review

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We're so glad we had a second chance to experience this campsite

The campsite facilities and entertainment at La Garangeoire are fantastic and it’s clear to see why people return year after year.

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Campsite Introduction

On the face of it, compared to some of the other campsites we’ve visited this, camping La Garangeoire seems like a relatively small campsite. However, once we delved further into what the campsite offers we realised there’s so much more than meets the eye. 

Camping La Garangeoire is a family run, Castels campsite. Covering 20 hectares of land the campsite, first opened 6th of June 1964, belonged to the de Kerautem family and is now owned by their granddaughter Anne and her husband Eric Bourgon. 

We first visited this campsite in 2019 but thanks to Storm Miguel we didn’t have the best experience. Thank goodness we returned in 2023 and finally got to experience exactly what the campsite is like and discovered why families return year on year to this incredible campsite.

Pros of Castels camping la Garangeoire

What did we LOVE about this campsite

Cons of Camping La Garangeoire

Every family prefers certain things about a campsite, so our “cons” could be on your “pros” list!

Pool Complex at Camping la Garangeoire

The pool complex at La Garangeoire is small in comparison to some but very functional. There are 5 different pool areas. 2 Toddler pools, lane pool, swimming pool, and the slide landing pool.

pool with slides at garangeoire campsite
The pool itself looked really inviting, it was just a shame about those grey clouds behind

The pools are heated to a reasonable 26 degrees and although we didn’t have the warmest of weather we were still able to enjoy them.

Our daughter loved the thrill of the slides and our toddler enjoyed a paddle in the baby pool with a small slide. 

The pools are open from 9am till 8pm and one thing we really loved is that the covered pool is reserved in the morning just for lane swimming, aqua fitness and water polo. The slides open from 10am till 7pm. 

small pool at garangeoire campsite
There were plenty of sun loungers and space for families

There are plenty of sun loungers available however we did visit in low season and the pool was reasonably empty.

pool complex at castels camping la garangeoire
This covered pool was open specifically for lane swimming and aqua in the mornings

Suitable Swimwear

Bermuda style shorts are tolerated here (for now) ensuring that they contain no metal and are only used in the pool area. Basically, don’t go wearing them to play football then head to the pool.

The Lagoon Pool & beach at La Garangeoire

As well as the pool complex, there’s a lagoon pool with sandy beach area. In here you’re allowed to take inflatables and the depth is just 90cm. It’s perfect for fun, splash about time. 

The lagoon is 100% chlorine free and stays clean through a natural, eco friendly filtration process.

lagoon lake pool and beach at garangeoire
The lagoon pool is a great place for recreational fun with inflatables

The Lakes, Pedalos and Fishing at La Garangeoire

I love pedalos, and here you can use them for FREE – well for the first hour!! All you need to do is leave a 20euro deposit at reception and receive a key and life jacket. You can also hire a canoe and the reception will give you paddles too. The lake is unsupervised so parental supervision is definitely required. 

a pedalo with mike sat on it at the lake at la garangeoire
Can you believe, these pedalos are free to hire (with just a 20euro deposit)

If you want to use the canoe’s or pedalos for longer than the free hour, it’ll cost just 5euros for each extra 30 minutes. 

Another use for the lakes is fishing. There are 4 different fishing lakes and more information on where they are is available when you pick up your fishing card from the main reception. There’s a no kill rule and you can fish for carp, pike and many other fish. 

This lake was lovely for walking around as well as fishing

Campsite Facilities

La Garangeoire may seem small, but in fact, the grounds are massive. There are plenty of facilities and activities around the campsite too. From wine tasting, and nature walks to kids clubs and babysitting, we found there was plenty to do for the whole family.

Camping La Garangeoire Reception Area's

As we have stayed twice now we’ve had a few different reception experiences. During our first stay in 2019 we stayed with Eurocamp and during our second stay we stayed with Euroresorts (a company I had never heard of previously)

When checking into this campsite it’s important to head to the tour operator first and then check in with the main reception. However your tour operator will advise you on this. 

Reception staff were lovely and look how well maintained all the flowers and plants were

The Main Reception

The reception area is very welcoming, organised and modern inside. There were two desks and as I entered, a receptionist at each desk greeted me. 

During our first stay I simply had to fill in our address and car registration details and complete a customer file. 

The polite receptionist then went through some details of the campsite, gave us a re-usable shopping bag, and provided us with a welcome guide. 

This was great as it contained an excellent amount of details on the campsite, it’s facilities, opening hours, campsite rules and information on the surrounding area.

Completing a customer file on our first visit made for a much smoother check in process during our 2023 stay as all our details were already on file. However, we did have to add 2 children to this!

Tour operator Receptions

During our 2019 stay we were really unimpressed with the Eurocamp staff. They were all new, inexperienced and not very knowledgeable about the local areas. When I asked at the Eurocamp reception desk about rainy day activities I was met with a “I’m sorry, don’t know any local information yet” even though the reception actually had a poster with “10 rainy day activities on”.

However that was in 2019 and having met the 2023 Eurocamp team I’m assured that their standards are much higher. 

Although, this year we decided to break away from the usual Eurocamp holiday and stay with a company i’d never heard of before called EuroResorts. I found the company on and it’s safe to say I was impressed.

At first I wasn’t sure, I’d never seen the company before so worried I’d booked a scam. But after a little digging, I discovered they were definitely real.

We were their first arrivals of the season and the standards were super high. The check in was easy and took place at their mobile home on the driveway to the campsite before heading into the main reception. Sue, the Euroresorts rep then cycled us into our accommodation and showed us round. 

They told us they had been at the campsite for 6 years therefore they are very knowledgeable about the local area as well as the campsite itself.

I would 100% book through Euroresorts again. We were impressed with the prices, the couple and the cleanliness of the mobile homes. The only thing you don’t get by booking through them is access to the Eurocamp kids clubs. So if that is a priority to you, then it’s worth a think. However the campsite does have its own kids club too. 

I would definitely recommend comparing the prices and discussing whether Eurocamps kids club is a priority or not.

eurocamp reception unit at castels camping la garangeoire
Eurocamps green branding, always blending in ot the natural environment

Play Areas & Sports Field

Just behind the tour operator receptions was the main sports field and play areas. There are so many different features here so I’ve broken it down into a few separate sections.


castels camping la garangeoire trampoline area

There are 6 trampolines freely available to use during low season. During high season, due to busyness, these become supervised and are open for 2 hours a day. We didn’t try them out as I’m pretty sure, pregnancy and trampolines definitely don’t mix too well!

Table tennis

We found 2 lots of table tennis area’s with a 6 tables in total. One was by the bike hire at the entrance to the playing fields and the other was in a barn at the end of the playing fields. Equipment can be bought from the campsite shop, or if you’re lucky, found in your own tour operators reception too. During high season table tennis tournaments are arranged regularly, so get practicing…

inside table tennis under bike shed cover at castels camping la garangeoire
There were plenty of table tennis tables throughout the site

Parks for different ages

There were a few different park sections with swings, climbing frames, slides and see-saws all organised in age group sections. I noticed that many of the young children’s play areas were fenced in, making it easier for parents to keep a close eye on the young ones. 

breanne on a swing at camping la garangeoire
I'm probably (definitely) way too heavy to be using this swing

Body Weight Gym

These are growing popular in France and especially on campsites. For adults, or kids, these are great at testing your resistance levels and getting a small work out during your holidays. We normally see people using them to stretch out after a run.

french body weight gym at camping castels la garangeoire

Mini Golf

If you enjoy a crazy golf session on holiday then La Garangeoire offers a small, but fun course near the playing fields. Putters can be hired from reception and balls can be brought, but check your tour operators reception to see if they have any available first. Many customers at the beginning of the season will buy these items and then leave them behind for later customers to use.

Football Field and Multi Sports Area

There is a massive football field at the bottom of the park area. In low season this can be used for fun. But in high season, between 10am and 12pm there’s a soccer training course. It’s a paid for activity but could be really fun if your family is into football. As well as a football pitch, there is also a multi sports court. Here’s perfect for younger kids or those who want to play things like basketball or netball as well as football during their holidays.

Tennis courts

Tennis courts at camping la garangeoire

Away from the main sports and play area on the campsite there are 2 tennis courts named “Roland Garros” and “Wimbledon”. These courts are free to use in low season and in high season become payable at the main reception. The campsite also offers lessons with a qualified tennis coach and weekly tennis tournaments take place.

Pedal Karting Circuit

This isn’t situated with all the other play activities, but it is linked to it. The pedal go kart circuit is actually situated right next to the lagoon pool area. Here you can take the pedal go karts for a spin around the bendy tracks Open 5 days a week, from 4pm to 7pm, in July and August but only open once a week in low season. We did see the animation staff manning the area whilst a few French families were tearing up the tracks!

Kids Clubs and Facilities at La Garangeoire

One of the main selling points of this campsite, especially to Eurocamp customers, is the selection of kids clubs. As well as the sites own kids clubs and Garderie, Eurocamp customers get to use their exclusive fun station clubs. 


The garderie is a FREE evening care are for children aged 3 to 10. It’s great for parents who wish to have a quiet evening alone, at the restaurant or even at the bar – it’s also great for the campsite customers who don’t want to listen to children running around the restaurant at dinner times. 

However, we did find this didn’t seem to be used by many customers during our stay and they decided to let their children run riot around the restaurant instead…

If you did wish to use the garderie during your stay, your children will be entertained by quiet games, DVD’s, colouring and reading. Opening times for your stay will be written on your animation schedule that you receive on arrival. Ours stated that the Garderie was open most days except for one which was the same day the restaurant was closed.

The garderie entrance at camping la garangeoire
What's better than an on-site babysitters?

Sites own Kids Club

The campsite run kids club is open to children aged between 4 and 12 and welcomes families who have booked through any tour operator or directly with the campsite. We used the kids club during our stay for our 3 year old (she is nearly 4 and we asked if it was ok and they said as long she is potty trained). She did some colouring, painting and watched a little TV. Unfortunately as the campsite was quiet, she was on her own there. But, as we had a napping baby at the mobile home – she was able to do more at the kids club that she would have stuck in the mobile home with us. 

Eurocamp also have a very extensive kids club schedule so if you are booked through them, I would 100% take advantage of it.

Eurocamp Kids club / Fun Station

The Eurocamp kids club “Fun Station” is for exclusive use by Eurocamp customers. The specially trained English reps welcome children from ages 0 all the way to 17 and organise a ton of activities including the whole family. 

Over the last few years, the fun station has undergone a few changes and there’s now even more activities for your children, depending on their age. For the really young ones you get activities like Mini Driving School, Messy Playtime and Mini Archery – while older children get activities like Zorbing, Movie directing and takeaway nights. 

For more information on the activities available for children and their ages, click here to head to the Eurocamp Fun station page.

fun station tents for the eurocamp kids club at camping la garangeoire
Eurocamps fun station isn't just for young children, although this photo definitely shows what's in it for the little ones

Animation For Kids and Adults

As well as providing entertainment for kids, the campsite also makes an effort to provide adult amusements too. During our stay we joined in with the crepe making and cheese and wine tasting. We missed the evening music on our last night but we were there for a “just dance” night where many French families came to show their moves!

There’s a whole host of activities to suit every member of the family, old or young. So if you like to get involved – you’ll find something to keep you occupied.

animation schedule at camping la garangeoire
Look how packed that schedule is - and this was low season, imagine how much more there is in the height of Summer

The Bar, Restaurant & Takeaway

We tested out both the bars, the restaurant and takeaway during our stay so here’s a section we can really advise on

Bar 1 = The Lounge Bar

This Lounge bar is situated right next to the main reception. It’s fairly small but is decorated really trendily. There’s 2 tv’s and a small library as well as a small back room too. In the evenings, this bar is adults only so it’s a great stop while the kids are at the Garderie. Drinks wise, there was a large selection of spirits available and of course, the usual wines and beers.

The lounge bar at camping la garangeoire
Swanky cocktails, no children and nice wines and cheese - the perfect lounge bar

Bar 2 = The pool bar

This bar was a bit more relaxed. Lots of children playing games like pool, running around and there was a much louder environment. Decoration seemed a little basic and you could be mistaken into thinking it was more of a soulless cafe than a bar area. However, we did find the bar staff very friendly especially Mathilde and Florient (2019) and Stephanie (2023). 

One of the best ways to enjoy the pool bar is to sit outside next to the swimming pool. However I must advise you that drinks around the actual pool are prohibited – as some rowdier guests discovered.

We aslo loved this bar area because around the other side was a giant lawn with bouncy castle. It was the perfect spot for us to take both children. Our youngest could crawl on the grass safely while the eldest could bounce to her hearts content. This was also where the animation took place. One evening there was a special kids night where they had face painting, music and kids games. We really enjoyed the atmosphere around this lawned area. 

The pool bar bar area at la garangeoire campsite
quick drink, coffee, ice cream? get it all from the pool bar

The Restaurant

The restaurant was ok. Like the pool bar, the decoration left a lot to be desired. For a family run, traditional country home style campsite, I expected something grander. Instead, we were in a white box room with some cabinets and artwork that seemed better suited to a spa.  Maybe we had been spoilt by the restaurant at Sequoia Parc?

mikes steak and breannes salad at the restaurant on garangeoire campsite
Decor wasn't to our cup of tea, but food and service definitely was

The service however couldn’t be faulted. 

The restaurant team were lovely, friendly and efficient. Food came quickly and any special requests I had related to my food were no bother at all. I asked for a starter as my main meal as I wasn’t blown away by the selection of mains available and Mike had the steak. 

My salad was lovely, tasted fresh and I would have definitely had again, but Mike thought his steak was a bit more well done than medium rare. 

I personally felt the restaurant lacked atmosphere. There was no music. Instead, the only noise was that of kids running in and out every 5 minutes asking their parents for extra arcade money. 

All in all, the restaurant is ok, but had I been staying any longer I probably wouldn’t use it again. 

Lovely fresh salad. Would love to have seen this or similar on the mains menu instead of just the starter

The Snack Bar/Takeaway

We used the takeaway during our first night in 2019 and instead of our usual pizza order – we opted for something different and got a chicken panini and chips each. 

The girl who served us was friendly, our food was decent and it was all a good price. Food was also very quickly made so no waiting around. There’s a seating area outside the takeaway so you could either sit there and eat or take it back to your accommodation. We chose to take ours back and enjoy it on our decking.

Mike and his takeaway and beer at the campsite la garangeoire
Enjoying our panini from the takeaway with a beer on our decking

Crepe Parties

very often the campsite runs its own crepe parties on some special outdoor tables. You basically pay for your mixture and pour it onto the crepe cooker on your table. It’s a great activity for families and in Summer season, has a very party like atmosphere. As the campsite was super quiet when we stayed in 2023 we were the only people making the pancakes however we loved it! It was such a fun activity for us and our 3 year old enjoyed being able to make and top her own pancakes. Plus – it solved the “what are we going to have for lunch” dilemma that day.

We were given half a litre of batter and more than enough toppings and away we went. Fun for the whole family. The baby even enjoyed the pancakes too – although we didn’t give her any toppings. They were for us…

We booked the crepe party through the reception and it had to be booked the night before so make sure you enquire when you arrive.

Cheese and Wine

One night, us and some friends decided we should try the cheese and wine night. We had to book a day in advance at the main reception and arranged for our cheese and wine on the lawn. It was perfect because we could eat our cheese and wine whilst the kids played on the bouncy castle. The cheese selection was incredible for the value and it was garnished beautifully. We were given two choices of bread (hard and soft) and were offered wine options to pair with the cheeses. I would definitely recommend it. However, if we did it again, I would not eat dinner before hand as we had enough cheese to feed a family of 5! We paid 30 euros total as we ordered the 10euro platter and a 20 euro platter to share. The 10euro came with 1 glass of wine whilst the 20 euro came with 3, so it made sense to combine and have 2 glasses each.

Other Facilities

Campsite Shop

The campsite shop was small, but stocked all the basics you’d need (crisps, wine, chocolate, bbq food, ice cream, pastries, etc…). Again, like most of the campsite staff we encountered, staff here were friendly and efficient. We went most mornings for our pain au chocolat and every evening for our Bretts Cheddar and onion crisps (honestly – amazing crisps). 


The spa looks like just a small shed but in fact provides guests with a range of treatments and massages. Guests can enjoy the sauna and hot tub during their stay or book with reception for one of the facials, manicures, massages, waxing or body treatments. 

Looks more like a shed than a spa, but apparantly there's actually a few bits inside


There is no wifi in accommodations on this site. There are however 5 wifi zones at the main facilities. These free wifi zones include the reception bar, swimming pool bar, takeaway courtyard, games room and the table tennis shed. 

There is also a computer room near reception for those customers wishing to catch up on work which can be used from 10euros an hour. 

Honestly, we did struggle with the lack of internet in our mobile home. We also had no mobile data signal so it made planning our days quite difficult especially when we wanted to look at maps or book tickets to Puy du Fou. Had I researched before and known about the WIFI situation I’d have better planned out our days out ahead of time.

The Arcade

La Garangeoire had a small arcade/games room with a few arcade style games as well as pool tables. We were shocked by how quiet this room was whenever we walked past but were pleasantly surprised to see most young children enjoying the outside world instead.

Kids seemed to prefer playing outside more than in here - but we love a game of air hockey

Bike Hire

Like many campsites, La Garangeoire has a bike hire station. Situated opposite the takeaway, you can hire bikes for all members of the family. From balance bikes to electric bikes the campsite supplies a wide range for variable prices.

bike hire at garangeoire camping
There were so many bikes available to hire

Shower Blocks

During our stay we counted 4 sets of shower blocks. One even included a dog shower! All the ones we found were clean, well maintained and modern. There were family changing rooms, child specific toilets, baby baths, washing machines and all the facilities you’d expect from campsite shower blocks. We had a shower in our mobile home, so can’t tell you what the water pressure was like, or how the showers worked, but we did go inside a few to use the toilets.

Surely these baths aren't just for babies?

Eco Label

La Garangeoire is a part of the EU ecolabel process – “the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle:”

Camping is all about being outside and in nature. In order to protect nature, we need to be greener. This campsite, and many others like it are trying to encourage that change. When checking in Mike was handed a reusable shopping bag as the on-site supermarket does not provide bags – I believe this is just one of the ways the campsite is trying to reduce single use plastics. 

Another way is through the “Fontaines Fontero”. An automatic vending machine for still or sparkling water. Here you can get fresh, micro filtered water in a bio-plastic bottle supplied by the campsite shop. These vending machines, situated around the site, are great at reducing the amount of single use plastic bottles. Although, it’s also perfectly ok to drink the tap water…

eco friendly water machine at garangeoire campsite
These water vending machines disperse both sparkling and still water

Disabled Accessibility

La Garangeoire have made every effort to ensure there campsite is accessible to absolutely everyone. They have their own range of adapted accommodations as well as 60 camping pitches situated near accessible shower blocks. There’s a chairlift system to aid around the pool area. Wheelchairs are available (at a cost) and in the reception they have provided a system for the hearing impaired too.

accesible mobile home at castels camping la garangeoire

Nature walks

We love walking and it was one of our main reasons for staying at this campsite. There are some beautiful nature walks around the campsite grounds, one of which is almost 7km long. We did a short walk, just around the lake area and would have done a much a longer walk, but unfortunately the weather turned. 

Once we returned to our mobile home, I noticed that I’d managed to get a tick attached to my leg – the first one ever – so I’d advise if you’re susceptible to them bring some insect repellent and tick removers. If you’re like me and have never had or never worried about them before, definitely check yourself after walking through the forested areas or long grass. The one I had was super small and could have easily been missed.

Green, nature paths at camping la garangeoire

Horse Riding Center

We’re not really horsey people so it didn’t appeal to us, but the campsite has a pony and horse riding center. It’s open everyday and lessons can be taken with a parent or one of the two qualified instructors. You will be provided with a helmet and you must wear closed toe trainers or shoes. All bookings and enquiries can be made at the equestrian center itself between 10am and 12pm. We also found the campsite did a lot of pony rides around the site for kids. They also had pony painting which is an activity I’d never heard of before but apparantly you actually paint on the horses.

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Accommodation at Camping La Garangeoire

The first time we stayed in a Eurocamp Aspect mobile home, and we absolutely loved it. Very spacious mobile home.

Then with Euroresorts we stayed in a Residence 3 bedrooms + deck. We were also very impressed with this. The cleaning standards and maintenance of the mobile home was impeccable.

But, they’re not the only accommodation we could have stayed in. We love checking out other accommodations and eyeing up what we could stay in next. With a couple of tour operators on site, as well as the campsites own accommodations available – there is so much to choose from.

Breanne outside the Aspect mobile home by Eurocamp at camping la Garangeoire
We LOVED our Aspect mobile home

Campsite Accommodation

In total the campsite has 357 pitches. Some of these pitches hold tour operator accommodations, some have campsite accommodations, but 155 of them are kept JUST for traditional touring camping. So, if you have your own tent, camper or caravan it’s perfect. 

Some of the camping pitches even come with private sanitary facilities on the pitch. 

If traditional camping isn’t your style, they also provide a large range of mobile homes. From the basic one bedroom chalets to their premium Taos holiday homes. We absolutely loved the look of the Taos but it was well out of our price range at 812euros a week minimum.

campsite mobile homes with cool garden at garangeoire campsites in the vendee
We also loved the look of these

Should I Book Direct Through the Campsite or Through and Operator?

We booked through tour operators both times because we felt they had the best prices during our stay. However, sometimes the campsite will be cheaper. It’s worth searching around for the best price but be careful not to skimp out on accommodation. Sometimes, when something is a lot cheaper, there’s a good reason for it. 

If you want a great kids club during your stay then there really is no better option than Eurocamp. They ARE the best kids club – and you can’t join in unless you’re booked through them. 

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Do You Need a Car to Get Round?

Definitely. The campsite is around a 15 minute drive from the nearest supermarket and the campsite shop is definitely not enough to keep you going for a whole holiday. While the onsite facilities are great, there is so much to do and explore in the local area and it would be a waste to spend a holiday here without a car to access it all. So yes – definitely drive down or hire a car. 

How to get to The Campsite

The campsite is situated in a small village area near Saint Julien Des Landes. It’s kinda in the middle of nowhere so you have two real options on how to get there. Drive or fly/drive. 

Should I hire a car?

If you prefer to fly than ferry and drive, then yes – I definitely recommend hiring a car. I just think you’d really struggle without one. The campsite is very secluded and with such a small on site shop, it’s definitely better to be able to drive to a real shop.

Ferry port

The nearest ferry port is Saint Malo which is around a 3 hour drive away and 269km. Although other ports like Calais maybe cheaper, do remember the north of France is massive and driving from here will significantly increase your driving time. 

Driving Directions


La Garangeoire Campsite

Route de la Chapelle Hermier, 85150 SAINT-JULIEN DES LANDES

GPS Coordinates:

46.663648 -1.713395

We couldn’t find the address on our sat nav but were able to add the local village of La Garangeoire and followed sign posts. If you’re using google maps on a phone this may be easier as you’ll be able to find the campsite straight away. 

Day Trips from Camping La Garangeoire

We had a very unfortunate few days with weather so we unfortunately weren’t able to visit and see all the places we wanted to. We did however manage to get to the main which was Puy du Fou. I’ll go into more detail about it below, but it was incredible! 

Puy du Fou

the shows at Puy du Fou with fire and people climbing walls
If you're going to any theme park in France, make it this one!

Puy du Fou is a world-renowned historical theme park that takes visitors on a captivating journey through different eras. Immerse yourself in spectacular shows featuring thrilling battles, stunning reenactments, and dazzling special effects. From ancient Roman gladiators to medieval knights, Puy du Fou offers a unique and immersive experience that will transport you back in time and leave you in awe of its grandeur. When we went it was a very rainy day yet we were still able to enjoy many of the shows. However, there’s no way you’ll be able to see them all in a day so choose wisely. We definitely recommend the Vikings and the Romans.

Les Sables d'Olonne

Situated on the picturesque coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Les Sables D’olonne is a charming seaside resort town that attracts visitors with its sandy beaches, vibrant promenade, and bustling harbor. Stroll along the elegant seafront, bask in the sunshine on the golden sands, or explore the quaint streets lined with boutiques, cafes, and seafood restaurants. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Les Sables D’olonne offers a delightful mix of coastal beauty and lively atmosphere.

L'ile d'Yeu

Just off the Vendée coast, L’ile D’Yeu is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Accessible by ferry, this enchanting island boasts unspoiled landscapes, picturesque villages, and breathtaking coastal trails. Rent a bicycle to explore the island’s hidden coves, visit the historic lighthouse at Pointe du But, or indulge in the island’s fresh seafood delicacies. L’ile D’Yeu offers a tranquil escape where you can immerse yourself in natural beauty and experience the slower pace of island life.

Planet Sauvage

For wildlife enthusiasts, Planet Sauvage is a must-visit attraction near Castels Camping La Garangeoire. This safari park provides an unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to observe exotic animals in a natural and spacious environment. Take a safari tour and encounter majestic lions, graceful giraffes, playful monkeys, and many other fascinating species. With informative guides and engaging activities, Planet Sauvage offers an educational and thrilling adventure for the whole family.

Bretignolles Sur Mer (Nearest Beach)

ust a short distance from Castels Camping La Garangeoire, Bretignolles Sur Mer beckons with its pristine sandy beaches and refreshing ocean breeze. Whether you’re a sand digger, a water sports enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful spot to unwind, this beach offers something for everyone.

Nantes (To see the elephant)

A vibrant city with a unique artistic flair, Nantes is well worth a visit when staying near Castels Camping La Garangeoire. Nantes is famous for its intriguing mechanical elephant, a colossal animatronic structure that roams the city streets, delighting both locals and tourists alike. Explore the historic quarter with its charming medieval architecture, visit the magnificent Château des Ducs de Bretagne, or wander through the artistic and cultural hub of the Machines de l’île. Nantes offers a captivating blend of history, creativity, and innovation.

Le Grand Defi

If you’re seeking adventure and adrenaline, Le Grand Defi is the place to go. Situated in the heart of nature, this adventure park offers a wide range of thrilling activities for all ages. Challenge yourself on treetop courses, zip lines, and rope bridges, or try your hand at paintball or archery. With options for both children and adults, Le Grand Defi guarantees an action-packed day filled with excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Our 3 year old LOVED taking part on the treetop climbing course for kids although the harder levels were definitely a little too much for her. I would definitely reccommend this place to families staying at La Garangeoire as it’s literally meters down the road.

Saint Gilles croix de vie

Nestled along the scenic coastline, Saint Gilles Croix De Vie is a picturesque seaside town that exudes charm and tranquility. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old fishing quarter, visit the bustling marina, or relax on the sandy beaches that stretch for miles. Sample fresh seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants, watch the fishing boats return with their daily catch, or simply savor the laid-back atmosphere. Saint Gilles Croix De Vie offers a delightful blend of coastal beauty, maritime heritage, and a serene ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mobiles close together?

Quite the opposite. We found the pitches to have loads of space outside. We definitely didn’t feel crammed in.

a eurocamp tent at castels camping la garangeoire
great sized pitches for tents, caravans and mobile homes

Is the campsite flat?

Reasonably. We were at the bottom of a hill, but all of the main facilities near the front and a range of mobile homes are on flat ground. I’d add a request when making your booking if you struggle with hills. The lagoon pool and pedal go karts are at the bottom of a hilled area.

Mostly flat, the campsite is packed full of adventurous walks

Are there mosquitos?

Yes. I got bitten quite alot during our 4 night stay.

Is it easy to get a sunbed around the pool?

When we went to the pool on the sunniest day and there were a few people there but it wasn’t crammed and there were plenty of sun loungers available. However, the site was fairly quiet and I can imagine in Summer it being slightly harder – although not a massive problem.

What happens if I arrive to the campsite late?

If you’re booked through a tour operator call your rep and they will be able to advise. There is a night guard on site, situated near the main barrier so he will be able to assist, check you in and direct you to your accommodation. The barrier is closed from 10.30pm so if you arrive after this time you will have to leave your car in the main car park. There is a strict no car rule between 10.30pm and 7am.

Do you need to wear a wristband?

We did as the campsite is now cash free. You could top up your wristband and use it to pay contactless across the site. 

Do men have to wear swim trunks?

Bermuda style shorts are tolerated here (for now) ensuring that they contain no metal and are only used in the pool area. Basically, don’t go wearing them to play football then head to the pool.

Are there BBQs on site?

We had a luxury gas bbq included with our Aspect mobile home and they are available with other tour operator homes too. Charcoal bbq’s and electric bbq’s are banned due to the surrounding forests.

Can You Use Inflatables at the Pool?

Nope, but they are allowed at the lagoon beach as this is a recreational pool.

What's the weather like in Spring/Summer?

The weather can be so hit and miss, we suffered from an awful storm but the week previous they were receiving 31 degree temperatures. I’d personally pack and prepare for all weather types and hope for the best. Also, don’t always listen to the weather man. We were told our day at Puy du Fou had 0% chance of rain so we didn’t prepare and got absolutely soaked! (they do sell ponchos though…)

Can you park on your pitch/Emplacement?

Yep, we had no problem parking on our pitch and couldn’t see any problems for others parking at theirs.

Can you take pets on the campsite?

Yes, the site is dog friendly. They even have doggy showers! As with all campsites, dogs must be kept on a lead around the site.

Is there disabled accessibility on the campsite?

There is. There’s specially adapted mobile homes and disabled access across the site. The only difficulty I can imagine for a wheelchair user would be the hills around the lagoon area and accommodation around there.

accessible mobile home at castels camping la garangeoire
Ramps make life easier for mobility impaired customers

Where's the nearest supermarket?

We found a massive Hyper U in Aizenay (around a 15 minute drive)which was great for browsing during a rainstorm (who doesn’t love a French hypermarket!). There’s also a Lidl around a 10 minute drive from the campsite

My flight isn’t till late, can I stay on site after check out?

Sure. As long as you’re out your mobile by whatever time the campsite or your operator requests, packed up and parked in the car park, you can use the facilities. 

What can we do if it rains?

We went bowling in Aizenay and shopping at the hypermarket there. There’s also a few choices for lunch (including a mcdonalds if that’s your thing). Puy du Fou is also a good day out in the rain. All the shows will still take place no matter the weather and ponchos are available to buy there.

Can I Use My Transferwise Card On SIte?

Yes, card is accepted in the bars, restaurant and shop. We had no problem using our cards during our stay.

Review Conclusion


I’m so glad we returned in 2023. After our stay in 2019 was a complete wash out we knew we needed to return. The campsite has so many activities and things to do yet we couldn’t experience them in the storm. So, when we returned in 2023 we fully immersed ourselves.

As we returned with 2 children we managed to take part in the family activities, kids clubs, discos, etc and we discovered the true joy this campsite can bring to families like ours. 

Our cheese and wine night was amazing and great value, as were the pancakes. And we enjoyed lots of drinks and ice creams at the bar.

The pool facilities were great, if only the weather had been a little warmer for us I could have imagined spending a lot more time here. We also enjoyed the lagoon area for relaxing in.


We were really impressed with the customer service from the campsite staff as well as Euroresorts and Eurocamp. Reception staff were polite and friendly as were the bar and restaurant team and I feel they are an asset to the campsite. 

We did struggle with the lack of wifi throughout the site, especially when it was raining and we were trying to plan activities to do. But it wouldn’t be a reason not to go. In fact, sometimes it’s great to have a break from the constant mobile phone notifications. 

But all in all, It’s clear to see, the campsite is run well and well maintained. If you like a traditional, family run campsite with more activities than you can ever dream of, then I completely recommend staying here. 

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