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Upgrade the pool and we will return...

I wonder if this is a plan for 2024?

Campsite Introduction

This trip to Le Soleil Des Landes was booked so last minute that we had no idea what to expect. As per usual, we left all our school holiday bookings till about a week before we could go and obviously, availability on campsites across France was slim.

We had planned to spend the week of 6th – 13th of August at just one campsite, a final holiday together before the baby arrived; however, absolutely nowhere was available. Thankfully, although we changed our original plan, we found availability on two campsites for shorter stays. The first campsite we stayed at was this one. The second was just down the road at Soustons village (but I’ll get to that in another post).

Pros of Camping Le soleil des landes

Some pro’s for Le Soleil

Cons of camping le soleil des landes

Every family prefers certain things about a campsite, so our “cons” could be on your “pros” list!

Pool complex at Camping Le Soleil des landes

The Le Soleil des Landes pool was the most overcrowded one we have ever seen on a campsite. The whole area needs an extension, especially with the number of holidaymakers the camp allows.

a very busy pool area with lots of people in

The waterslide platform felt unsafe and unstable, the pool was scarily busy, and the splash area was underwhelming. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this campsite solely for its pool facilities.

4 blue waterslides or flumes at the swimming area on le soleil des landes campsite

However, the site has a few redeeming qualities, which you’ll discover as you read.

Suitable Swimwear

The campsite had a strict no boardshorts rule, and we didn’t see anyone breaking that rule – so if I were you, I’d pack your budgies!

a small splash park near the swimming pool with kids slide and water sprays


toddler pulling faces at the camera on the beach near le soleil des landes

Cap de l’Homy is the closest beach to the campsite and takes around 10 minutes to drive. A free shuttle bus outside the grounds will take you to the beach in July and August.

the beach near le soleil des landes

However, we preferred the beach and area at Contis Plage just down the road. The town of Contis is a typical Landes beach town, and there’s also a beach bar which is open for breakfasts.

Like most of the Landes coast, the waves are powerful and dangerous, so take precautions.

beach bar at contis plage

Campsite Facilities

This campsite is very basic, so expect something other than 5* resort-style facilities.

Receptions and Check in

the reception and entrance of Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (20)

The reception area is small, and on hectic arrival days, it can get busy. I don’t remember seeing many local information leaflets in the reception, but they had a book exchange area and board game hire.
Check-in was easy and we were given a map, brochure, wristbands and a code to unlock the security barriers.
Whilst the campsite is a Marvilla park like other sites we have stayed at La Vallee and St Avit Loisirs, we didn’t see any other tour operators on the campsite.

Play Areas

the kids play park on Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (15)

Play park

The play area here was nice, modern, well kept and had every kid’s favourite – a zip wire.
Our daughter really enjoyed the play area here and we enjoyed that it was located just around the corner from the bar and restaurant. There’s equipment for all ages, and it’s all on a soft sanded floor. The park gates are open from 9 am to 9 pm.

kids play park at sunset on park Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (6)

Table Tennis

Table tennis tables are located at the back of the sanded park area. There are 3 tables in total.


The multisports court is perfect for playing football, basketball or netball with friends. There’s also a running track around the outside – great for some early morning sprints.

Tennis Courts

If you fancy a go, the tennis court is chargeable at 8 euros an hour and is booked from the reception area.

Bodyweight Gym

body weight gym at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (12)

the campsite has a great bodyweight gym area. There’s a wide range of equipment and we found it was rarely occupied.


The arcade room is situated just off the bar area. Inside there’re lots of arcade games as well as a TV area. Children (and adults too) can enjoy; air hockey, table football, pinball, car racing and more. 

Kids Clubs & Facilities

There are 2 groups for the kids club; 4-11-year-olds and 12-17-year-olds. Activities will vary from shows, crafts, dancing, sports and even pool time. The kid’s clubs are free but only available in high season months (July and August).

Animation for kids and adults

the animation stage at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (16)

Marvilla parks run an extensive animation schedule that rivals other campsites we’ve visited. In fact, during our holiday (in August), they decided to rehash Saint Patricks Day for one evening show and made everyone dress up in green.
Karaoke, quizzes, night swimming and dance shows are offered during the Summer weeks.
The entertainment stage is located near the bar/restaurant, so if you were hoping for a quiet campsite meal – make sure you book on an entertainment off day like Saturday.

Bars, Restaurants and Takeaway

main restaurant at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (22)

The campsite restaurant was open to outside customers too and served an extensive Landais menu. Many of the meals are meat-based and traditionally French.

restaurant menu at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (2)

The bar area was separate from the restaurant and served cocktails/mocktails and the usual beers and wines. Prices were reasonable and to be expected of a campsite bar.
Another “hut” style area also sold ice creams, crepes and snacky foods. Whilst all the bars were separate, they were all run together with the same staff serving from each area.

restaurant Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (4)

Other Facilities

Campsite Shop

Le Soleil Des Landes is one of the only campsites we have been to without any food provisions. There wasn’t even a small epicery in reception. For the size of the campsite and the number of holidaymakers it could hold – I assumed there would be a small campsite shop available, but there wasn’t. However, a small supermarket down the road is within walking distance. We did the walk with our toddler, but I recommend against walking with children as the road isn’t paved the entire way and can get very busy.

Spa/Beauty Salon

The campsite has a small hut which holds a petit spa. Outside there was a jacuzzi, but this looks like it’s no longer used. There’s an osteopath, masseuse, naturopath, reflexologist and a beautician. You can pre-book appointments via telephone: 07 88 44 77 10.

spa and treatment area at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (11)

Bike Hire

Bike hire is an outsourced service by RicoVelo. You can hire; Kids’ bikes, electric bikes, tandems, child seats, trailers, etc. A standard mountain bike day hire is 13 euros, and a week is 49 euros.

bike hire at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (7)


Animals are allowed on the campsite. However, customers are only allowed to bring one per accommodation.

Shower blocks

The campsite has toilet blocks for the few camping emplacements it has. As we stayed in a mobile home, we didn’t make use of the shower blocks, but we did have a look. The toilets were clean and tidy, laundry facilities were public, and child-friendly/child-sized toilets and sinks were available. 

kids toilet block at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (19)


Free WIFI is available near the reception (for 30 minutes every 6 hours). If you want WIFI available on your pitch, it’ll cost 9 euros a day and 24 euros per week (with various offers in between).

Disabled Accessibility

The campsite is flat, and Homair has some reduced mobility mobile homes on the campsite. The town located near the camp is flat and paved the entire way. However, we sometimes found the route bumpy. The road to the shop took a lot of work. I would not recommend it with reduced mobility. 


Watch Our Campsite Vlog on Youtube

Available accommodation at Marvilla Parks Le Soleil Des Landes

There are three categories of accommodation; Emplacements, Classic mobile homes and Comfort mobile homes. Within those categories, there are other options; extra bathrooms, bedrooms, wheelchair accessibility, Extra large, deckings, etc.

We didn’t see any camping emplacements during our stay, so I’m still determining how many they have and where they are situated. However, we’ve stayed on quite a few Marvilla Park campsites now (La Vallee, Saint Avit, Des Menhirs), and it looks like they are trying to do away with camping pitches in preference to mobile home accommodation. This may not even be an option in 2023.

We stayed in a three-bedroom Classic mobile home with Aircon and a decking. The accommodation was comparable to a Eurocamp Comfort but with lots of things missing. For example, with the Eurocamp accommodations, you usually get blackout blinds and many more shelves – but for some reason, these were removed by Homair/Marvilla (you can see more in our accommodation review & Video). 

Do You Need a Car to Get around?

In Summer there’s a free shuttle bus from the campsite to the local towns and beaches. However, this is on a first-come, first-serve. Getting to the camp would also be a challenge without a car. Although, once at the campsite, you are right in the town centre and can walk to shops, restaurants and markets. 

How to get to The Campsite

Should I hire a car?

Things are available from this campsite via public transport. There’s a shuttle to the beach. The camp is in the town centre of Lit-Et-Mixe. However, public transport is limited, and I recommend hiring a car or bringing a vehicle.

Ferry port


Portsmouth to Caen is the best crossing if happy to travel down through France. The option with the least driving on the continent would be to get a ferry to Spain and travel upwards along the west coast of Spain/France.

Driving Directions

From Caen/Ouistreham: 

Take D514 and D515 to N814 in Hérouville-Saint-Clair, Take N158, A28/E402, A10 and A63 to Rte des Plages/D41 in Lesperon. Take exit 13 from A63 Follow D41 and D66 to Rue des Arènes in Lit-et-Mixe

TOTAL: 7 hr 28 min (759 km)


From Bilbao:

Get on E-70/AP-8 from Corredor del Txorierri/N-637

13 min, Follow AP-8 and A63 to D947 in Castets, France. Take exit 12 from A63. Take D5 and D66 to Rue des Arènes in Lit-et-Mixe

TOTAL: 2 hr 35 min (233 km)

Day Trips from Camping Le Soleil des landes

One of our favourite regions in France…

Town of lit et mixe where you can find Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (10)
The local town of Lit-et-Mixe is just footsteps from the campsites entrance - but if you want to travel further afield there are plenty of options...

the Beach

The main reason we visited this campsite was to explore the beautiful Atlantic coast of France. With ferocious waves and golden sands, there’s no better way to spend a day. We loved the beach at Contis plage the most and visited the closer Cap de L’Homy and the free shuttle bus from the campsite was a definite win. But of course – there’s more than just those two to discover in the Landes.

free shuttle bus from Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (18)

Col D'ibardin

On the border with Spain and France, this mountain features spectacular views of both countries. It is also popular with consumers thanks to its range of shops and restaurants, which are free from French tax and offer a wide range of “duty-free” items such as perfumes and cigarettes.

1h20 from the campsite

Dune du Pilat

Mike at the dune du pilat

One hour and 20 away in the opposite direction will take you to one of France’s most famous landscapes, the Dune du Pilat. This Dune is the highest in Europe and has breathtaking views. So take a picnic and enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air.


Twenty minutes down the road in Castets, there is a Kayak/canoe club where you can sail down La Palue. Base rate: €14/price for one kayak, €28/price for a canoe.

Accrobranch parc

La Haut Adventure parc is 21 minutes from Lit-Et-Mixe and offers a sport-filled adventure in the trees. There are three courses, and guests as young as three can profit from 88 workshops.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mobiles close together?

Fairly, like with all coastal campsites. We didn’t feel too overlooked, though. 

Is the campsite flat?

Yes, the whole area is relatively flat (until the beaches).

campsite sign showing an illustration of a man with a surfboard on a beach with marvilla parks le soleil des landes written over the top

Are there mosquitos at Camping le soleil des landes?

Surprisingly we didn’t notice any this Summer, but I did expect them.

Is it easy to get a sunbed around the pool?

Nope. not in Summer. The pool area needs to be bigger for the capacity of the campsite.

breanne looking at flowers at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (8)

Do you need to wear a wristband?

Yes. Like all other Marvilla parks, La Vallee, Saint Avit and more, you will receive a blue wristband on arrival.

Do men have to wear swim trunks?

Yeah. We didn’t see anybody in board shorts here.

Are there BBQs on site?

restaurant fire at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (3)

There are communal bbq’s dotted around.

What's the weather like in Spring/Summer?

Boiling. Whilst we were there, the temperatures were insane. Some days were hitting around 40 degrees Celsius. However, the Atlantic coast is very unpredictable, and the year before, we stayed at Le Vieux Port (just up the road) at the same time of year, and the weather could have been better.

Can you park on your pitch/Emplacement?

The emplacements are relatively small; some may have to wedge their vehicles at awkward angles.

Can you take pets on the campsite?

Yes, animals are allowed to stay here.

Where's the nearest supermarket?

The supermarket is within walking distance down the road. The campsite has no shop, so you’ll visit here often. However, I don’t recommend the walk for younger children as there aren’t pavements. There is a small greengrocer just across the road from the campsite, where we found some lovely fresh vegetables and local produce. 

Can You Use Inflatables at the Pool?

The pool was so hectic that there wouldn’t be enough room for an inflatable.

Is It Loud In The Evenings?

We didn’t find it loud, and we have stayed in lots of noisy campsites, Sylvamar especially. There was entertainment; however, the noise seemed well-contained. 

What Can We Do If It Rains?

There is a cover that can go over the pool, but I dread thinking how busy it would be on a rainy day. To put it simply, this region is all about being outdoors. Other than trying out local restaurants or heading to the shops, there are only a few museums or soft plays to explore. We like the sound of the aviation museum in Dax and the soft play in Tarnos.

Review Conclusion


Our stay at Les Soleil Des Landes was mixed. On the one hand, we loved the proximity to the town centre and the beautiful shops and markets of Lit-Et-Mixe. But, on the other hand, the campsite needs to prepare for the capacity they can hold. Understandably, August is a hectic month, so of course, we expect a little business – but the hecticness at the pool was unreal. Mike didn’t feel overly safe on the slides and said the platform was shaky with the number of people waiting. I couldn’t find a seat around the pool despite being nine months pregnant and only ten days away from giving birth. The lack of a campsite shop was surprising. I know the campsite is in the town centre, but I thought there would be a small epicerie in the reception or bar area like we had at La Roche posay, Huttopia Sarlat or Bordeaux Lac. Whilst our stay was pleasant and perfect for what we wanted it for (a beach holiday on the Atlantic coast), it’s not a campsite we will return to. I can see why this was possibly the only campsite we could find that still had August availability.

Toddler and Breanne at Marvilla parks le soleil des landes campsite (1)
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