Eurocamp Accommodation Guide & Comparison 2024 & 2025 Season

Eurocamp Accommodation Guide 2024:

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Researching  Eurocamp accommodation options for 2024 and 2025 can be confusing, so I’ve written this handy guide. We’ve stayed in lots of Eurocamp accommodations, and many have been renamed and rebranded over time. Remember the Aspect mobile homes? Well, they are now Ultimate’s. And they’re not the only names that have changed… 

This handy guide will help you decipher the name changes and discover the best Eurocamp accommodation for your family.


With many choices, from tents to lodges and all the mobiles and caravans in between, choosing the perfect fit for your family is so important. It can significantly impact your first impressions of a campsite or holiday village and, ultimately, your holiday enjoyment.

Eurocamp Accommodation options:

Choosing the right Eurocamp accommodation is as important as choosing the right holiday location.

But first, a little disclaimer: All models may vary; the examples I give are from my experience with these Eurocamp accommodation options. Since Eurocamp have merged with other companies like Homair, Canvas and Tohapi, many units have been rebranded and renamed, and things may be different from site to site. However, the GRADE (top, high, mid, low tier) still remains the same.

For when you don’t feel like getting your feet dirty – Holiday homes are your best Eurocamp accommodation option on a campsite or holiday village.

The Ultimate accommodation class was previously known as the Aspect. It is a top-tier, luxury Eurocamp mobile home. They are far bigger than a standard mobile home and have dishwashers and covered verandas. 

outside view of eurocamp aspect mobile home at camping la garangeoire

The Ultimate mobile home comes in two or three-bed versions and has (we think) the comfiest sofa. The model we have previously stayed in has floor-to-ceiling windows, a TV, and a fully-fitted kitchen. Staying in an Ultimate is like being in a real home away from home.

  • 2 or 3-bedroom options
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Large size
  • DVD player/monitor and dishwasher
  • Big decking with decking gates

The Ultimate Plus is the next level of luxury. It is a spacious mobile home, great for hosting, as its floor plan is a huge 40m2. The outdoor decking is an entertaining hotspot with a comfy egg chair, sofa, and other high-level comfort outdoor seating. It’s definitely the most luxurious Eurocamp accommodation we’ve seen and the Ultimate Plus seems comparable to the luxurious Resasol mobile home we’ve stayed in before.

living space in our 4p premium lodge mobile home accommodation at Camping le Vieux Port Landes france
This is a Resasol mobile home, not a Eurocamp model. This is the closest comparison we could find

Features include but are not limited to:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Large decking with fancy
  • furniture
  • Dishwasher, nespresso coffee machine, TV and other high-tech additions
  • 2 shower rooms
  • Queen Size bed

The next Eurocamp accommodation is the Premium range. These were previously Azure & Azure plus and comfort plus mobile homes. All premium Eurocamp accommodation comes with a dishwasher (like the ultimate) and the “premium exclusive” models come with extra services like wifi, linen, end of stay cleaning, etc. With the premium units, you’ll find comfort and convenience, slightly less luxury than the ultimates – however, “premium lounge decking” options are available on some campsites and these come with Nespresso Machine and Premium mattress.

Eurocamp PREMIUM (Formerly Azure Plus) 2 bedroom from Eurocamp at Camping des menhirs-11

Features include but are not limited to:

  • 2 or 3 beds
  • Dishwashers
  • Outdoor decking
  • Potential upgrades: exclusive/lounge deckings

The Eurocamp premium Azure is in between the comfort and the premium. They won’t necessarily have a dishwasher but they may be more modern than what you’d expect from a comfort. These are a great mid-range option.

Eurocamp Azure Mobile Home Kitchen Area

Mid Tier: Comfort

Eurocamps Comfort mobile homes are the safe tier—the mid-range—the not-too-expensive but not-too-shabby range. They are homely but not luxury. The Comfort mobile homes I have previously stayed in are very modern but slightly soulless, a little plasticky, and not much to write home about. BUT—they do the job and they’re not falling to pieces. There are XL versions available for those who like a little more space as well as lounge versions, which we’ll get to further down this post.

Eurocamp comfort xl lounge kitchen area
  • Dogs are allowed in comfort (but not XL) models. (also depends on the campsite rules regarding dogs)
  • 2 or 3-bedroom options available
  • Potentially a queen size bed (I think this may vary between models – best to check with online chat for your specific mobile home).
  • Open plan contemporary style
  • Gas hob (some have ovens some don’t), fully fitted kitchen with all equipment

Classic Mobile Homes can be hit or miss. A very budget friendly Eurocamp accommodation option, but that shows in some of the units. However, it is like a game of lucky dip, and we recently stayed in an almost brand new classic XL this year at Clarys Plage. If you’re willing to take a gamble, you might be lucky however, it’s worth preparing yourself for an older, slightly shabbier mobile home. Ofcourse they will still be cleaned to the same standard as others on the campsite, but mobile homes, sometimes over 10 years old and have seen thousands of customers, will definitely have a bit of wear and tear to them. It’s still a great budget friendly option for families wishing to spend most of their time out of the van, alfresco living and it’s a great entry-level option for new camping families.

  • 2 or 3 bed options available
  • Gas hob (some have ovens some don’t)  fully fitted kitchen with all equipment
  • Range of decking options
  • Xl versions available on certain sites
  • Accept dogs (depending on the campsite)

Executive options

I’ve been reading lots of people talk about staying in a premium executive accommodation. The description on the website is vague, but from what I can tell, premium exclusives are just the standard premium mobile homes with added extras like, free wifi, linen and end-of-stay cleaning.

Lounge Options

We recently stayed in a Comfort XL lounge at la Chapelle Campsite and chose it purely for the comfy outdoor seating. Eurocamp Mobile homes with the lounge option come with a super comfortable sofa on the decking area and definitely add a touch of luxury to your holiday. Not every mobile home on every campsite will have a lounge option, but if you do come across it, I definitely recommend adding a lounge mobile home to your basket.

comfort xl lounge outdoor seating area

Specialist Holiday Homes on certain sites

Other campsites may have specialist options. For example; La Croix Du vieux Pont have these lovely wooden lodges which we have stayed in previously. These are not standard across all campsites and are usually onl;y on one or 2 campsites if at all. Other specialist accommodations include chalets, tree houses, apartments, bungalows and more. I can’t really give a brief overview of these as the range is so variable and we haven’t stayed in all of them. 

front of 4 bedroom villa lodge at la croix du vieux pont berny riviere

A list of the 2024 mobile home changes


For when you want to put your shoes in the mud, and then put your feet up. Tents are the best Eurocamp accommodation for getting back to basics

Low Tier: “Explorer” Tent/Bungalow Tent

These tents were previously known as the classic tent. The budget option to your camping adventure and strangely enough one of our favourite accommodation types. Sure you won’t get a nice decking/veranda/terrace but you will get an authentic camping experience. In these tents you can hear the rain pitter patter and thrive under canvas. Perfect if you’re looking for a back to basics feel (full review here)

Eurocamp Classic Tent

Features can include but they do vary from site to site:

  • 2 or 3 bedrooms/inners
  • Sleeps 6 people
  • Fully stocked kitchen with a 4-ring hob and fridge
  • Electric connection
  • No bathroom, but it is usually situated near a toilet block

Safari Tents are luxury tents. The glamping tents. When Eurocamp first started them, they were the epitome of luxury, and surprisingly, they still are. These are great for families looking for a bit of luxury but still keeping with the authentic camping experience.

Features can include but they do vary from site to site:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 options (5 berth or 6 berth)
  • Some options have bathrooms (double-check because most don’t)
  • Wooden deckings under the tent
  • Fridge freezer, 4 ring hob and all kitchen accessories included
  • Some have bathrooms – double check before booking which option you’ve found.

Specialist Tents on certain campsites

Some campsites have different tent options, which differ from the standard Safari or explorer tents. These tents won’t be on every site and will usually only be on one or two of the Eurocamp campsites.

AirLodge Tent

These airlodge tents look amazing. They seem to have a really unique mezzanine floor bedroom with all the facilities downstairs. They have a bathroom, decking and sleep 4 people at Domaine de Chaussy Campsite in the Ardeche

These tents can be found at several campsites, including:

Campsite NameLocationCountry
Domaine de ChaussyArdecheFrance
Atlantic Club MontalivetGirondeFrance
Laguna VillageAdriaticItaly
Orbetello CampsiteTuscanyItaly

Lodge tents and others

These lodge tents are like small versions of safari tents, still under canvas but this time there are (usually) no bathrooms, and are slightly more compact.

You can discover these tents at the following campsites:

Campsite NameLocationCountry
Camping Les Gorges De ProvenceProvenceFrance
Domaine Des Ormes CampsiteBrittanyFrance
Domaine D Oleron CampsiteCharente MaritimeFrance
La Yole CampsiteVendeeFrance
Saint Jacques CampsiteBrittanyFrance
La Pinede CampsiteCharente MaritimeFrance
Les Amiaux CampsiteVendeeFrance
Ma Prairie CampsiteLanguedoc RoussillonFrance
Aqua Viva CampsiteDordogneFrance
Rieumontagne CampsiteTarnFrance
Domaine Des Tours CampsiteAveyronFrance
La Dune Des Sables CampsiteVendeeFrance
Loyada CampsiteVendeeFrance
Camping Les Gorges De ProvenceProvenceFrance
Sole Di Sari CampsiteCorsicaFrance
Bella Italia CampsiteLake GardaItaly
Atlantic Club Montalivet CampsiteGirondeFrance
L Ideal CampsiteAlpsFrance
Le Mas CampsiteDordogneFrance
Le Fayolan CampsiteJuraFrance
Chateau De Galaure Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)AlpsFrance
Le Ty Nadan Campsite (Lodge Tent)BrittanyFrance
Mayotte Vacances CampsiteLandesFrance
Polari CampsiteIstriaCroatia
Valle Gaia Campsite (This Is A Super Version)Tuscany ElbaItaly
Manor Farm CampsiteBernese OberlandSwitzerland
Weekend Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Lake GardaItaly
De Schatberg CampsiteLimburgNetherlands
Domaine De Massereau CampsiteLanguedoc RoussillonFrance
Norcenni Girasole Club Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Tuscany ElbaItaly
Castell Montgri Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Costa BravaSpain
Orlando In Chianti Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Tuscany ElbaItaly
Laguna Village Campsite (Super Lodge And Hybrid Lodge Tents)AdriaticItaly
La Masia Campsite (Lodge Tent)Costa BravaSpain
St Avit Loisirs Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)DordogneFrance
Marina D Erba Rossa Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)CorsicaFrance
Canyelles Campsite (Hybrid Lodge Tent)Costa BravaSpain
Internacional De Calonge Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Costa BravaSpain
Portofelice Camping Village (Super Lodge Tent)AdriaticItaly
Le Bois De Pleuven Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)BrittanyFrance
Due Laghi CampsiteTrentinoItaly
La Cote Sauvage Campsite (Yurt And Eco Lodge)Charente MaritimeFrance
Rieumontagne CampsiteTarnFrance
La Baie De Kernic Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)BrittanyFrance
Chateau La Foret Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)VendeeFrance
Orlando In Chianti Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)Tuscany ElbaItaly
Falaise Narbonne Plage Campsite (Lodge Tent)Languedoc RoussillonFrance
La Marine CampsiteLanguedoc RoussillonFrance
La Dune Des Sables CampsiteVendeeFrance
Le Mas CampsiteDordogneFrance
Kalliste Campsite (Super Lodge Tent)CorsicaFrance
Clos Cottet CampsiteVendeeFrance
Canyelles Campsite (Hybrid)Costa BravaSpain
Loyada CampsiteVendeeFrance
Dunes Et Soleil Campsite (Lodge)Languedoc RoussillonFrance

Village Lago Maggiore Campsite

Lake MaggioreItaly
Mare Pineta CampsiteAdriaticItaly
San Cristoforo CampsiteTrentinoItaly

Other Specialist Accommodation Options

Eurocamp offers wheelchair-adapted accommodation across many of its campsites. These mobile homes feature all the same accessories as standard caravans, but they are especially adapted with ramps, wet rooms, wide doors, and assistance rails. Wheelchair-accessible mobile home options are available in many Classics, Comforts, and Premium Mobile Homes, as well as Classic and Comfort Chalets and an assortment of Apartments, Houses, and Lodges. However, they are not available everywhere, and many campsites are unsuitable for wheelchair users. I recommend using the Eurocamp online chat to discuss your needs and find the most suitable accommodation.

With so many campsites a haven for dogs, leaving them behind is a shame. Thankfully, Eurocamp offer accommodation options for families bringing dogs. Dog-friendly accommodation options include both Comforts and classic but it’s important to check if the campsite you want to stay on allows dogs before booking. You can find a list of dog-friendly campsites here And, extra information on travelling with your dog here.

Campsites Own Accommodation

If for some reason you can’t find the perfect accommodation with Eurocamp you may be able to find it by booking directly with the campsite. For example:

“you are a big family booking, and you can’t all fit inside one mobile home” 

Some campsites now offer “cottage friend” style accommodation where two mobile homes are situated on a shared decking area and it makes it easier to camp together as a large family.

Additional considerations when booking accommodation with Eurocamp

Linen is provided as standard in both ultimates and premium exclusive mobile homes (as well as in specialist accommodation like Sangulis Masai lodges, aloha bungalows at Cambrils and villa/deck lodges at La croix du vieux pont). If you don’t wish to bring your own linen, there is the option to hire linen and towels in advance with Eurocamp.
You can find out more info here.

Baby Kits

Like linen, if you don’t fancy lugging around bulky cots, bed rails, changing mats,  highchairs, pottys & baby baths, Eurocamp can also provide these for you free of charge as long as they are booked in advance.

You may also be wondering where the baby cots actually fit in the accommodation.

Generally, in many twin bedrooms, one of the beds will collapse and fold under the other, leaving a perfect gap for a cot. If this isn’t an option, a rep should be able to remove one of the beds for you. If for some reason you have booked smaller accommodation you may find the only suitable place to fit a cot is in the living area of the accommodation, due to space constraints.

If you are arriving late to the campsite or on a Sunday afternoon it might be worth booking a welcome pack. As the shops will be closed when you arrive a welcome pack will ensure you get some essentials to see you through like: Tea, wine, snacks, water (although the tap water is fine) and preserves. It costs £12.60 and you can find more information here.

A roll of toilet roll will be available on arrival as will a cleaning kit with small washing up liquids, sponges, cloths, etc so these are no longer a part of the welcome pack.

Oven or no oven

This is a big point of contention for some people at the moment. Since the merger with other, French, companies – some mobile homes no longer have ovens. As standard, the French do not really use ovens in their holiday homes and prefer to stick with bbq’s and stove tops. In fact, our last holiday was in a mobile home without an oven. The only thing we struggled with was pizzas – so we opted to get that from the campsite takeaway instead. 

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee anymore whether you will or won’t have an oven – so have a plan in place incase you don’t. Some people have started bringing air fryers on holiday with them, however many of the campsites have low electricity capacity and they have been known to trip the electricity on occasion. 

Decking gates

Having a decking gate on your accommodation is a definite holiday hack when travelling with young children. It takes away the safety concern of the stairs and means your children can safely play, contained, on the deck. In fact, the other week at Domaine Du Clarys we didn’t have a decking gate and my 1 year decided to go headfirst down the stairs and kind of roly-polleyd her way onto the grass – thankfully uninjured, but it could have been a different story. There is no way to guarantee a decking gate but in general – it would be very rare for an ultimate or a premium mobile home to not have a decking gate. 

decking gate on our comfort xl lounge eurocamp mobile home
decking gate on our comfort xl lounge eurocamp mobile home

Eurocamp now shows different decking options when searching for accommodations. They range from small, covered, lounge and standard deckings. 

The lounge is a top tier option which features sofas and comfy outdoor furniture.

Small deckings are (personally) not ideal if you enjoy sitting out. We recently had one and as our pitch was also small our outdoor space felt really minimal and our children had no place to play on the decking as it was filled by the table.

Covered is a great option if you like sitting out even when it’s raining but not so great if you are a sun worshiper. 


Standard decking is, well standard wooden terrace, level with the mobile home potentially with a parasol instead of a cover.

Air Conditioning and Heating

These are not as standard across all accommodation and you’ll have to check when you book what options are available. Obviously, a mobile home with aircon will generally be more expensive than one without. However, they are so handy on hot days and definitely worth paying the extra for.

With regards to heaters we found everything from one gas fireplace in the central area and nothing else, to mobile homes with heaters in every room. It’s hit and miss – so depending on the expected weather where you are travelling, you may want warmer pyjamas.


When I first started Eurocamping, mobile homes only had these manky blankets in. I remember in February one year we travelled to La croix du vieux pont near Paris and it was so cold the gas froze, our heater shut down and all I had for warmth was a thin blanket. Thank goodness times have changed and Eurocamp now have warm duvets in all their mobile homes and tents. If you haven’t booked linen, make sure you remember your duvet covers.

previously with Eurocamp, It was always been a case of “leave it how you found it.” However, in recent years, Eurocamp has added stricter measures to the end-of-stay cleaning. As a mum of two young children I know how hard it is to get ready the morning of leaving, pack the final bits and clean a mobile home all before 10 am. However, there are ways around it.

If you’d rather relax on your final morning, Eurocamp offers an end-of-stay cleaning service from £60.35 (prices vary depending on location and accommodations type—this must be pre-booked). This may upset some die-hard Eurocamp fans, but it does not bring them in line with the standards of almost all other camping companies in France.

If you are staying outside of France, you won’t need to clean and If you are in an exclusive or ultimate accommodation type in France, you also won’t need to clean.

However, even if you book this service or have it included, you will still be expected to partake in Eurocamps basic housekeeping measures before departure. These include: 

  • cleaning and storing away all dishes,
  • cleaning the barbecue
  • emptying the fridge and freezer
  • Guests should also strip the beds, placing sheets, pillowcases, and towels in a pillowcase on the kitchen table
  • Additionally, it is important to remove all personal items, including food, and to dispose of all rubbish.
cleaning rules with eurocamp

If you don’t pay for a cleaning package (or have it included) alongside the housekeeping measure, you’ll also be expected to: 

  • Kitchen: wipe clean the hob, sink, countertops, and interiors of cupboards, shelves, and drawers. Clean the fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee maker/machine, and oven if applicable.
  • Shower Room: Thoroughly clean the toilet, washbasin, taps, and shower tray, and wipe any shelves or cupboards.
  • General Areas: Sweep and mop floors in all rooms, wipe down furniture and empty the bins.
  • Outdoors: Sweep the decking and clean any outdoor furniture.

If you’ve kept your mobile home clean, this final clean should take no longer than an hour. However, with children, packing and getting ready too? It’s definitely harder than expected to manage. We have overrun the checkout time every single holiday.

Frequently asked questions about eurocamp accommodation

Do Eurocamp staff still clean?

Yes, even if you have cleaned the accommodation – the Eurocamp/campsite staff (or an off-site cleaning company) will still come and go over, disinfect and ensure the mobile home is ready for the next customer. 

What accommodation would WE choose?

If I had all the money in the world it would be a no-brainer, ultimate plus with a lounge decking and all the flashy things that come with it. However, we are usually on a limited budget and for a family like ours travelling on a budget the comfort XL lounge that we stayed in recently at La Chapelle campsite was absolutely perfect for us. It had a touch of luxury with the outdoor seating area and the mobile home was fully equipped, comfy, clean and modern. So I’d probably go for that again.

Do we get a bbq with our accommodation?

This is a very confusing subject at the moment as many confirmation forms are stating yes and no. In general, classic mobile homes will not come with a BBQ, but higher standard mobile homes will come with a BBQ if the campsite allows. Some campsites do not allow BBQ’s due to the high risk of fires. It will be a case of double checking with the Eurocamp team before booking.

Anything else you need to know about Eurocamp accommodation for 2024 and 2025?

I think that covers pretty much everything there is to know about the best Eurocamp accommodation choices this year.

I hope our comprehensive guide helps you navigate all the choices available to you. Whether you’re looking for the luxury of the Ultimate mobile homes, the affordability of the Classic range, or the adventure of traditional tenting, we’ve outlined all the possibilities to ensure you find the perfect match for your family’s needs and preferences.

Remember, choosing the right accommodation can significantly enhance your holiday experience by aligning with your expectations and requirements. From dog-friendly options to wheelchair-accessible units, we hope this guide helps you plan a hassle-free and enjoyable holiday.

Join our community on Facebook to share experiences or ask for more tailored advice from other Eurocamp-loving families. Choose wisely, and enjoy your European holiday.